when judy followed alangeorgela around… for two days

On Thursday, DeCadence sang the last sproul of the semester. Q gave us all roses. The boys sang the solos to Climbing. Mi and I exchanged the hootie and jewel parts of let her cry (and jennnnnnny liked it anyway!). Angeorgelan came to see our Sproul. Ate afterwards at um… what is it called? Cappucino express or something? You know, by boba cafe and ned’s and musical offering and metro copy and all that. Teriyaki chicken sandwiches. After a detour that should really not have taken an hour that involved keys, C, circling the west circle, Wing, Mei Yi, a puppy, finding out if I absolutely needed to be at auditions that night, and ridiculous indecision, I followed (R prefers that I say the more correct “They drove me” to San Mateo, since I did not actually run after their car following them) Ageorgelangela back to their place, where we… um, I don’t even remember. We must have played GameCube. Even though I brought Settlers. So… M and S called and said… that they were already there as we were hurrying to finish our Carl’s Jr, and so we rush to SF. What, you say? Where were they already at? Why were you going to SF?

Ok, this entry’s a bit disjointed cuz I copy/pasted this next part from a post I wrote on the orkut muse community and then went through and added stuff where stuff needed to be added for this, my journal. Disjoint disjoint.

So. On Thursday night, me and flyingbear and andeja and alan and mbarrien and ridgemit (extremely recent converts to rabid Muse fandom… uh… well, I guess that is what you call it. More like G is a recent convert to rabid Muse fandom (three days or so) and is in the process of converting the rest of the world population) tried to get into Popscene in San Francisco where Muse played at… um, midnight or so. And uh they were scheduled to go on at 9pm. And uh, well, so, we were going to get there at 8:30… and M & S called and said they were already in line and there were already lots of people at 8 or so, or was it even before then? Anyway, so we got there without too much trouble and parked in a friendly-looking public garage across the street from our destination. Ridiculously unskilled at the art of getting into clubs, we got in the hopeless line. And stood there. And stood there. 9pm came and went. We were standing right next to an open manhole where workers coiled up some cable coming out of the manhole in a figure-8 between four cones, only to uncoil it back into the manhole, only to recoil it again. It smelled funny, that manhole. Security came out once in a while and said things like “Everyone behind this sign (points to a sign a few blocks up the line from where we are… ok, that might have been a slight exaggeration, few is maybe stretching it… maybe… two blocks…”) is not getting in” … and … “the club is full. The band is already playing” … and … “Please go home. The police have closed our doors. The club is full. The police see an angry rioting crowd.” And time passes. And at 10pm the line STARTS to budge. We make friends with the people near us in line who investigate a back alley and confirm that the band has not started playing and security is playing mind games with us. We stop trusting anything security says. Judy lapses in and out of past and present tense when she tells stories to her livejournal. Well. I guess I had better choose one, right? I really ought to use past tense. I don’t know what the trouble is… I guess I like to think in present tense more, or it sounds more flippant if I say things in present tense…


The line moved very, very, very slowly. But we progressed half a block (from an alley to a guitar/violin store), and groups of people sent scouts up to the front of the line intermittently to try to figure out what was going on. Police cars came and went threatening to cite us for loitering; the line crawled to a standstill; people left… and eventually (11pm??) we got onto the block that Popscene (a club with capacity 450 or so they say) was on. The security guard greeted a girl that got out of a taxi and hugged her, and the entire section of line that witnessed this travesty bursts into applause, to which the security guy replied “she called me forty-five minutes ago to get on the guestlist, so I put her on, and now I’m letting her in.” The guy behind us (Berkeley, band, http://www.aprilsrain.com I think it was?) lead our section of line in a rousing rendition of the “galileo GALILEO galileo” part of bohemian rhapsody. We play Exploding star, which results in a few gems like… oh, this game is pretty much irreducible phonetically, so never mind, will you look at that I’ve gone back into present tense. Fuck it all, present tense it is, since I’ve had to correct every verb after I finish the sentence it was in. PRESENT TENSE! YOU HEAR ME? PRESENT TENSE!


We figure out, slowly, that the club filled up long ago and that the line was only moving now because people were starting to give up and go home. We find, when we turn onto the block that Popscene is on, that the line wraps around a bit, following the line of the buildings against the street. We spend some time in a funny-smelling mini-cul-de-sac-dip-thing amidst copious amounts of McDonald’s bags (ah, I haven’t mentioned that there was a McDonald’s (and a Borders) down the street) and empty bottles, and hear Muse starting up. Well, ok, what we hear is sort of a fuzzy band-ish sound, you know, what you hear when you’re standing outside of a club and a band is playing inside of the club, which is not where you want them to be playing, but unfortunately you are not the master of the universe, the security guy with the girlfriend in the taxi and the flashlight is. Some more people ahead of us give up, and we end up within sight (kind of) of the door… and notice a window in the building.

We heard Muse, muffled through a few walls, out of Popscene’s kitchen window where the “cook” (who we later saw saying into a mic “let’s hear it one more time for muse!”) was eating a sandwich and his friend was propping open a door adjacent to the stage. And through this door (and the window), we saw the neck of a guitar bob up and down. And a hand once in a while. And a body connected to the hand even more rarely. The cook-emcee (really, he was dressed in a white shirt with the buttons, like a cook) noticed us after a while and put his plate with his half-eaten sandwich and some chips by the window for us and expressed his sorryness for us or something. Angela ate a chip. We bopped a little out there. Oh yeah, I didn’t say that it was cold. Well, it was. But it was a lot better once we turned off of the main street and onto the little street that Popscene was on. PAST TENSE! WTF!

A guy walks by and gives us flyers for a band, and muse stickers. I overheard one of us window-gazers say to another that the garage gates seemed to be rather down, and we look, and indeed the garage is closed. We watch until Muse finishes playing anyway, and cheer a little from outside, and feel like we still got to experience… something. George narrated for us, since he knew all the songs… (Ok, here’s the part in the middle where he plays the piano… Ok, they’re probably going to play the song I like last…). And then the lights stop flashing, and we walk back to the garage.

We then find out that the garage we parked our car in closed at midnight. A mini-crowd gathers outside the grill of the garage gate. We are all unsuspecting, illiterate fools. Somehow, an attendant dude shows up and says “how much is getting your car back worth to you?” and laughs cuz he was joking and unlocks the garage for us repentant mortals… and then there was a detour on 880… you know, so on and so forth, uphill in the snow both ways…



Ok. So then we played mario party until 4am (volleyball… well, ok, just me and alan played until 4am, the others until 3), and the next day Angelalan and I spent a bunch of hours laying around after the four of us ate at this all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant and I am really sick and tired of writing this livejournal entry, and when G was at work A A and I went to Target and Old Navy (well, Angela and I did, Alan went away to beep things) and Angela taught me how to do neckstands on their couch and then we ate Mongolian and then we watched the big lebowski and played a tiny bit of pacman with Ang totally deleeeeeeeeeerious and lying on the floor and it was sad because judy failed to ask them to drive her to the bart station before midnight, which was kind of the point of her staying overnight, and so G drove her home, thank you G and she walked back into her apt at 2am. THE END.

That was really long. But I type quickly. Also, I like Muse and yay for being easily amused to the point of “hey, this sounds cool, ok I’ll like it too.” You know what? Once at the TMBG concert, lemmingsolution told me that she thought I’d like the opening band because they were cute boys, and I said “Hey!” but then realized she was right, (Guster… um… Ben Folds… BSB… um… Savage Garden… um… Phantom Planet… you know…)… and then I felt worried for myself and had to remind myself that I would like these bands’ music even if they were not cute band boys or something but then later I realized that I didn’t have to be embarrassed about liking cute boys. I LIKE CUTE BOYS! Anyway I mention this because I’d forgotten about this until in the car when I noticed the lyric “i think i’m drowning/ asphyxiated” and I said happily “they used the word asphyxiated. That makes them instantly hotter” and I listened to myself talking like an airhead and remembered that I had never seen what they looked like or even heard of them until the day before. Oh well. So um, I really like that song (1. asphyxiated. 2. bury it/i won’t let you bury it/i won’t let you smother it/i won’t let you murder it. 3. oo oo oo yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) and it is called “time is running out” and it is off of “absolution.” Um. The other one worth mentioning here in this STATE OF DELIRIUM!!!!!!! is, obviously, “butterflies and hurricanes” because there is RACHMANINOFF in it and I LIKE PIANOISH THINGS! And now is the part of the post where judy starts SAYING things randomly in capital LETTERS because SHE thinks it is FUN!

Today, I got a postcard from Ryan. It has a squirrel on it! He took the picture of the squirrel! I think the postcard came out really well. USPS + the internet = cool, see? http://www.usps.com/netpost/welcome.htm

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