i like my cashews a-salted and a-roasted.

Happy two years to us. Mmm, Greens Restaurant. The first thing R did when we sat down was clutch the menu and say “I can order everything!!!!!”

Thanks to the DeCadence recent history party, It’sgeoerbirthdaygorgergorb (flyingbear) and maybe Alan:
1. Two peanuts were walking down the street. One was assaulted… peanut.
2. Two marshmallows were walking down the street. One was arrested… marshmallow.
3. Two almonds were walking down the street. One was taken to jail… almond.
3.5. Two jell-o pudding snacks were walking down the street. One was taken to jail… -O PUDDING SNACKS!
4. Two beefs were walking down the street. One was hit by a car BEEF!!!!!!

I’ve got a sore throat, not a lovely bunch of coconuts. And misterroboto‘s ps. PS: this is mbarrien.

Caromonkeylin has bags of pirate gear.



    I used to get take away from there all the time because Ft. Mason is where I worked when I lived in SF (Magic Theatre). I would happily munch my yummy tofu sandwiches.

    As a vegetarian, I get extremely confused at vegetarian restaurants. Like, I can never decide. I’m only used to having one or two choices.

  2. Next you save your pennies and go to Millenium.

    Two vegans were walking down the street. One tripped and fell down. VEGAN!

      1. Two Judys were walking down the street. One died laughing. JUDY!

        Ok E, let’s go to Millenium. What are you doing tomorrow? Ok, day after tomorrow?

    1. Obviously I wasn’t there but I think they’re just being silly?

      Rested marshmallow.. why not? They seem like they’d be rested. And the rest just get.. progressively more non-sensical. I think.

      Am I right?

      1. hahahahehehehahaha

        1. This is the only one that actually works (a salted peanut) and the original legit joke that spawned all the others.

        2. This one makes sense, but is a bit of a stretch (a roasted marshmallow). Also, we were eating s’mores at the time. Uh, at least that’s how I remember it; I _think_ this one was created while we were eating s’mores.

        3. Almond is funny because it makes no sense. But it still makes a little bit of sense, only because almond is a nut, like peanut, and … peanut.

        3.5 Taken to jell-o pudding snacks is another stretch. Because jail sort of sounds like jell. When George told me this one, I laughed at first even though I didn’t get it because I thought he was just being random, and then I laughed really hard when I got it

        4. Pinnacle of nonsensicality.

        1. Re: …one who knows…

          AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! WHO ARE YOU?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? YOU WHO ARE AWAKE AT 5:23… oh, pm. goddammit.

          wait, on may 8, 2004. 5:23pm may 8 2004 has not happened yet. unless A) the time on your computer is set wrong, or B) you live on a part of the world that is in the future relative to me. Hmm

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