poor giraffe

ryan (12:02:54 AM): i can’t wait til my new powerbooky
ryan (12:02:54 AM): i can really feel the slowness of my comp

susan: hey JU thanks for letting me borrow your three-hole punch!
connie: ugh
susan: i call you JU just to annoy connie!
connie: ugh
judy: why does that annoy you? my family calls me ju.
connie: it just doesn’t sound right!
susan: we call you con!
judy: and sues and steph!
connie: but ju… you can’t get juDEE from ju!
susan: not like you get conNIIIE from con! you could get…
judy: con-man!
susan: condom!
judy: can we call you that from now on?
susan: i can just imagine judy writing that in her livejournal. “so today my roommate condom and i…”
connie: ugh.

we went to the ghirardelli chocolate festival on saturday. it wasn’t as great as we all expected, but there were these wonderful nutella-grand marnier crepes downstairs. shopping centre is fun. didn’t buy anything and didn’t try anything on, but wandering around among all kinds of different people perusing wrinkled-on-purpose articles in american eagle is usually a pleasant experience. today i went to berkeley bowl and bought a gallon of apple juice, and thought of jennnnnnny.


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