jenny is going to love this

(if she hasn’t seen it already).

in other duchovny news, also from, “David on Sex and the City: According to the Hollywood Reporter, David has also signed for 4 episodes of the HBO series, Sex and the City. The first episode called “Boy, Interrupted” will be shown on August 24th, with the rest being shown in January of next year. David will play Jeremy, Carrie’s old high school flame who’s come to visit, and of course, everything is not as it seems because what would life be without complications. Thanks to Barenaked Mulders, Alfonos and some good people at The Haven, we have a handful of small publicity picutres which you can see here.” so there will be more! there will be more! there will be more! i have to say, the first one was kind of underwhelming, but whoop dee doo!!! more kissing, i say!! hehee.

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