brass plum, etc

this morning, amanda came to my house (as planned) at like 9:50. at that time, i was dreaming that i was taking care of this person with a dehabilitating disease in a wheelchair in a hospital or something, and he said his knee started hurting, so i went to some office or something to report it, and there were two girls my sister’s age who were before me whose mom was in the hospital and who complained about not having anything to do and i said “well there’s a gamecube in that room over there…” and they were like “oh okay good!” and went to play it and i felt guilty about telling them about it, like “what if their mom gets mad at me for promoting too much videogame playing?” and then a doctor came out and she said the treatment plan was to put the knee in fire, but it wouldn’t burn, or something, and was discussing it in really technical terms. it was a very strange dream. i don’t usually have interesting dreams (i dream about getting out of bed and brushing my teeth). why have i spent so much time typing about this dream. so amanda went to pick up angela so i could hurry the frick up and get ready. so they came back, we went to nordstrom’s at stanford to visit cindy at work, found her, sat around talking, ate lunch, etc. thank you amanda for driving. amanda suffered through an interview, i had a good chat with angela… yeah it was good to see the three of them. we’re gonna have to make more time for each other this summer, =)

yesterday i went to great america. got a wow pass. psycho mouse, revolution, top gun, the ride formerly known as tidal wave, logger’s run, vortex, centrifuge, stealth. not in that order. YAY STEALTH. amanda got sunburnt, apparently. watched ice fights haha. saw sara, who gives good hugs. i got a big hug from her every morning sr year in english ap.

oh for lunch today i had a really good tuna melt.

well. i just went to century to see the proofs from the pictures we took yesterday. yesterday was my parents’ 21st anniversary. we went to marie callendar’s and got a free apple pie. the package we bought had 10 wallets, 2 5x7s, and 1 8×10. my mom couldn’t decide which poses to choose when she went earlier today, so she came home and dragged me out to decide with her. i didn’t help much with the deciding. so guess what she ended up choosing? she asked if she could have three more 5x7s instead of the 8×10. so that’s what we did.

the story of our lives. even with something so trivial as a family portrait. instead of choosing one big thing to commit to, choose several different things–but while you do get to have everything, you only have small versions of everything…

at least we got dippin dots at mcdonald’s afterwards. and guess what? i got chocolate and banana split. annie got chocolate and vanilla. because we’re indecisive. GO US.

my brother’s graduating at 6:30. my mom just sent him there now, and she reports that the bleachers are half filled and that many many people are currently walking in. yeah so now i’m going to eat, and change, and go stand in the sun with a camera.

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