i love movies

i will start off this post with a quiz result.


I act like I’m 13.
This test was brought to you by Mel – mostly…. Take it here.


i got it from kari and according to her livejournal she acts like she’s 20 and she’s younger than me. hahaha. also from her site is a link to www.phobialist.com and there are things like fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth- Arachibutyrophobia…

this morning, my mom went to price club to get a tire on the sienna fixed. when she came back, she said that she could see why there were so many stories about trains (we were all AVID thomas the tank engine fans when my sister was about 2). “i was looking at the sienna raised up in the air, without its tires, and the hood just open… like if you were in surgery and they opened up your stomach and didn’t close it back up! poor, poor sienna!”

okay i guess it was funnier in chinese. “wah! ze me keh lian!!” or maybe you Just Had To Be There.


oh hey i took more tests today. at www.thespark.com … wahoooooooo. like an iq test. and an inner child test. and for the personality test, apparently ryan and i are 67% compatible. and he’s an accountant. and i’m a mentor. and thespark is totally ridiculous.

my brother is graduating! for piano: our piano teacher has four graduating srs this year, and they’re having a graduation recital tomorrow night. and hey, since i’m a graduated alumni from e joyce rae studios (haha how fancy-sounding), mrs. rae wants me to be in charge of the guest book. WOOHOO! so tomorrow i will stand there looking pretty and welcome ppl and make them sign in… hehe… when i graduated, i was the only one my year… i sang during mine too. and wore at least two of my prom dresses (i changed during intermission just for the hell of it, and mrs. rae recommended that i did just for the hell of it too hehe)… yeah. i remember i totally jacked my beethoven–i hadn’t decided if i was going to do it with or without (you) music and i tried to twice without, stopped, turned around and apologized to my audience, opened the book and pounded away. hahaha. silly judy. and lynbrook’s graduation is… on thursday! that’ll be fun too. it’s summer!

i would like to take a moment and reflect upon my fascination with the titanic. the ship. i kid you not, my brother and i knew everything about the titanic WAYY WAYYYY before the movie happened. we had a bunch of books (yay elementary school book orders) when we were like in 3rd grade, and read up on robert d ballard, and knew all about the submarines that they used to look for the titanic, knew that they thought it was sinkproof because it had different walled compartments but they weren’t sealed at the top partly because they thought they wouldn’t need to, so water just flowed through… we knew that it broke before it sank but not all the way, so the front part dragged the back part down, and then it broke underneath the water and landed apart on the ocean floor… we studied diagrams of cross-sections and floorplans of the ship, we stared at pictures taken of people on the titanic… like you know when jack steals that guy’s coat from a bench on the deck, and that guy was spinning a top with his kid… that’s from a picture! and there were lots of little references like that in the movie that i recognized from those books i’d pored over years and years ago and anyway. i’m sure lots of people were fascinated by this huuuge huuuge beautiful tragic ship. why am i talking about this. stream-of-consciousness not always good.

so for some reason, my brother was listening to the soundtrack, and so today he pulled out the movie and the three of us kids watched the second half… and wow the dialogue pretty much sucks, i never realized it when i watched it in 1997-8 or whatever, but yeah “rose!” “jack!” “oh i love you so much rose!” “oh jack!” gah. but still. what a grand movie. i can just hear you groaning at me saying this. yeah. i loved the set design. and the music. i think it would be wonderful to compose and conduct scores to movies. pseudo-classical music. haha. i want to go learn to play the violin. no. the cello. i’ve spoken of this before.

i guess i really, really like period dramas and/or fanciful flicks. once at newman student dinners we were talking about movies, and which love stories we liked best… i was like “OOH MOULIN ROUGE!” and people were like “ehh too… ‘fantastic’ and unreal. i liked when harry met sally” and then i was like “hmm i liked ever after…” and they were like “judy you like fantasy don’t you?” and i was like “oh! i guess i do” … so yeah! i’ve identified a preference of mine. with respect to movies, i’d rather see a fantasy than a depiction of something modern-day… this isn’t always true. i like sleepless in seattle, in the romantic comedy dept. and i liked amelie a lot. no wait that was pretty off in fantasy too, wasn’t it? i guess this also explains my fascination with the x-files? maybe? etc. etc. i don’t like reality. well isn’t that true with everyone? we watch movies that are totally unlike anything we’d ever experience because they show us things of beauty and ideals and heroic deeds and… and… and crystallize emotion, or maybe return it to its rawness, i don’t know, make it easier for us to feel and we are comforted by the fact that we can feel… am i saying that it’s hard to feel in real life? i don’t know… it’s late… reality is hard…

i was telling shirlee about me and ryan going to the library a lot after decadence…
HisPassionSeekR (9:35:15 PM): hehe you guys are a couple of dorks
…and i know i’m a dork, but here is some of what ryan did today…
ryangiraffe (11:59:41 PM): my uncle and i went to borders
ryangiraffe (11:59:53 PM): i studied chinese from the chinese language books
…so i guess it’s true. hahahaha. =)

SLEEP! and paul mariani’s ordination tomorrow morning in sf at st ignatius!


    1. Re: 16!

      4 years too old for what?
      It says that I act 21, which is great, because I am 21. If anyone ever accuses me of not acting my age, I now have proof that I do.

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