congrats ray

graduation. was shorter than expected haha. saw lots of 2000 folks, hooray! saw sum of all fears. okay movie. lots of action, running around, wild camera shaking for really agitated-looking shots, lots of details that made the movie seem really really complicated, but it had a pretty simple plot, etc. no acting, hahahaha. to be expected. a little predictable sometimes, but whatever, these movies are supposed to be like that, aren’t they? grand, drawn-out moments where you know something’s gonna happen and it does and it’s so obvious you figure that you were supposed to know it was gonna happen, cuz when it does happen it happens in a very slightly different way than how you envisioned it… anyway anyway anyway. it had a few good moments. it could scare me. some questions pat and chongai were raising, like why didn’t that informant chobet (was that morgan freeman’s name??) was talking to just tell everybody himself? oh well. just like in episode 2, the poison dart? the changeling was in the arms of two jedi! 1) why couldn’t the jedi feel it happening? and 2) if it was that easy to kill something the jedi were practically holding, then why didn’t the thing that killed the changeling kill the jedi too? i wish that the jedi had felt it coming at the last second (and so late because they were occupied with yelling at the changeling) and whooshed their lightsabers out just in time, barely deflecting the darts headed for them but accidentally letting one through.. then again maybe there is no reason for the killer to kill the people interrogating the changeling who had secrets to tell… oh whatever

juddietuna (2:02:46 AM): i’m trying to write in my livejournal
juddietuna (2:02:50 AM): because if i figure i make that a habit
juddietuna (2:03:17 AM): 1) i’ll develop a habit (i don’ thave many habits. like sleeping habits. i mean… oh i’m confused)
juddietuna (2:03:19 AM): and 2) i’ll write more
juddietuna (2:03:28 AM): and if i sit around and just make myself write about stupid things i’m thinking about
juddietuna (2:03:35 AM): i’ll get back into writing in general
juddietuna (2:03:36 AM): bla bla bla
juddietuna (2:03:37 AM): yes
juddietuna (2:03:37 AM): but
juddietuna (2:03:40 AM): i am fizzling
juddietuna (2:03:44 AM): *fizzle*
ryangiraffe (2:03:46 AM): and you’ll also make me happy

good night =)

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