fly fly fly

time flies. i was sitting here and an entire hour just passed. i wasn’t even chatting online–the internet in my building keeps cutting off–i was just sitting here staring at the wall… an entire hour. how many minutes/hours/days have i wasted? it’s so easy to do things like stare at the wall and i can’t bring myself to write a paper, even on something that i think is interesting, and my head hurts

the more i write in here the more anonymous i want to remain so i talk about things going on in my head and yarn i’ve been spinning and how sick i’ve been lately; today i almost passed out in the shower, i think i should be fine though, it must have been just a combination of being sick, heatstroke, being sick, not getting enough oxygen to the brain, being dead tired… at one point i was sitting down and i don’t remember making the act of sitting down, i don’t have bruises or anything terrible so it’s not like i fell down or something drastically horrible like that

that was weird. i had to ask my roommates for help… thanks you guys, you’re great

been thinking about roommate arrangements for next year… yeah it’s gonna be interesting. we’re going to fight for 205 tomorrow morning right before signing the lease. don’t know how much i care about moving out of this unit…

tylenol? or nyquil? i write such long long meandering posts

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