this is too classic to be deleted forever. i get rather attached to my IM profiles. pretty sad isn’t it?
ryangiraffe: you know what? there is a passage about you in antony and cleopatra.
ryangiraffe: There, / my music playing far off, I will betray / Tawny-finned fishes. My bended hook shall pierce / Their slimy jaws, and as I draw them up / I’ll think every one a Judy Tuan, / And say ‘Ah ha, you’re caught!’

not only that, apparently jenny IMed him and asked if “judy tuan” actually appeared in the play… like judy was an adjective, and tuan was some odd spelling of tuna… hehehehhee

been sick. went to doctor. found out that i have really bad allergies, and then it flared up into some sinus infection, so now i’m on allegra and antibiotics…

concert w/ claremont shades, noteworthy and AIR last week was soooo much fun. we should do those conglomerate concerts more often! diana on the shades: “badass percussion!!” yeah we all sat around trying to make that egg sound and hyperventilating

leaving for LA tomorrow at 1 with decadence. yahoo!!! tour’ll be fun =)

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