maybe i sleep too much

today i hung out with cindy and kristin, ye olde support group from 11-12th grade. i heart you, cinddie and krystyn (collins haha). you guys rock. i have never felt ilke i had to perform in front of you guys–thanks for being two silly little girls with me. i’ts great.

i’ve been thinking about the upcoming semester and it scares me.

my sister’s at outdoor education camp. my mom and i sent her off at miller’s parking lot. she didn’t even pay attention to us! when i was in 6th grade, i thought i was so old, so smart, so mature. i think of my sister as so young now–i just realized that i’ve never ever spoken to her like she was a peer before. and she’s so much older than i think she is now–middle school! she’s intensely introspective, i think, and i worry that she worries too much about friends, about fitting in, about school and about her teachers liking her or not–but i realize, no, that’s what i remember worrying about too much when i was there. i want to be her friend and i don’t know how. she’s growing up before my very eyes and i rarely stop to watch.

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