looks like i’m too lazy to actually update this thing. instead i’ll capture the metaphorical kodak moments of the online world.

karokyking (1:34:20 AM): i need maximum comfort
juddie t u n a (1:34:32 AM): ohh
karokyking (1:34:37 AM): liners?
karokyking (1:34:39 AM): definitely
karokyking (1:34:42 AM): must have wings


(legolas legolas legolas)

“a beautiful mind” was a good movie because it was hard to watch. i got really really nervous–“WTF are they doing?! electorcution?!?!?! WHY??!?!?!!” and “PENS!!!!” (man i nearly cried at the pens!!!!) and “NOT THE BATHTUB!!!! NOOOO!!!!” and “BUT IS THAT REAL?!?!!?!” and… riiiight. the schizophrenia thing was portrayed so well; you feel the anguish. and as hsiao says, the ending is satisfying. (ah well my mom was like “but he’s gay, i read that in the chinese newspaper” and manapat, who is reading nash’s biography, was like “ummm but he ummm goes ummm both ways????”) so that bothers me slightly, that they’d hollywoodize up this man’s life–this man who fought so long and so hard against things that weren’t real, and now there’s this 2 hour long thing that people pay to see all over the nation that has his name all over it but isn’t real… well… i don’t know. i wonder what he thinks of it.

(legolas legolas!)

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