“does he make you laugh?” … “he doesn’t make me cry” ooooh!

ryan says:
I heard this story on the radio, or on the computer since I missed the actual time the show was on, the other day about the “phenomenon of blogs.” See linguist Geoff Numberg’s comments at or at freshair.com.

hahahahhahaa. hahahahaa. hi ryan. =) so you feel like you’re trespassing eh? yeah, i don’t feel right broadcasting my mundane everyday activities. i don’t really talk about much here. i use is as a self-counseling service. that’s why i seem so angry, i only write in here when i’m 1) procrastinating, 2) procrastinating, 3) freaking out about procrastinating… lookie we even got graciepoo addicted… bwahahahahahaa. =)

yesterday, i woke up at 6:41:34 AM and sat in bed for a while, contemplating my impending doom. i opened my eyes and shut them several times, breathing slowly. then i sat up and stretched, maybe i yawned a few times, whereupon i decided i was still tired and so i lay back down again. then i remembered i had a final at 8 am and i still hadn’t figured out what i was going to write about in my 3 short essays, so i repeated the process, sitting, blinking, yawning, until i finally mustered up the strength to throw myself over the edge of my trusty but impossibly high ikea loft bed, succeeding in almost hurting myself in the process like i do every morning. then i stood on the floor of my apartment, blurry-eyed and sleepy. then…

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey i saw ocean’s 11 last night! it was a whole lot of fun! yah!!! haha if i were to write an essay on it, my thesis would be that the creators of the movie think that the love of your life has to be able ot make you laugh, and if he can do that, the pain of crying doesn’t matter. well especially when you’re a liar and a thief and george clooney and julia roberts. yay. hahahaaaaa… no. other movies i must see: harry potter, lord of the rings, vanilla sky, monsters inc,–well for that matter i still have to see shrek. i also have to get moulin rouge the second it comes out on dvd…. heeee.

CS ON TUESDAYYYYYYY!!!! review session in 5 hours. i bet i could watch 5 online lectures in that time. YAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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