went to vegas for a few days.

watched today and yesterday: memento, princess diaries, strictly ballroom, bridget jones’ diary, keeping the faith.
i thoroughly enjoyed strictly ballroom. that guy is sexy. =)


  1. wtf is this? i don’t remember going to vegas with my family in 2001. unless… it was that time we went with this other family and they brought their own tv and nintendo along. hmm…

    i do remember watching those movies, but i didn’t realize i’d watched them all together, and (this is a guess) with my family. especially princess diaries. i didn’t see that until much later. oh wait… princess diaries != the princess bride

    1. Maybe this’ll be an in-joke with myself: I’ll comment whenever I come across this post as I’m reading all of my oldest livejournal entries. It’s hilarious that I don’t remember commenting on my own post in 2008. Also, did I really already have judytuna.com in 2008? I can’t believe I was post-migration-from-lj-to-here already in 2008!

      Oh, how the years pass.

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