inspired by hsiaoee’s faithfully daily entries, i have now decided to try to update this a little more regularly than i have been (which is not regularly at all). whee bs. the truth: JUDY IS PROCRASTINATING!!! whoa what a surprise, judy NEVER does that. judy never refers to herself in the third person either, does she? o no of course not.

QUOTE OF THE DAY/week/month/whatever:
“A spectre is haunting Western academia, the spectre of Cartesian subject. Deconstructionists and Habermasians, cognitive scientists and Heidiggerians, feminists and New Age obscurantists – all are united in their hostility to it.”

haha, hoory for google. my roommate ameera and i google everything under the sun (and above, and around, and over, and …)

let’s go SAILING. i really would like to learn how!!! =)

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