look! this is my first livejournal entry. how special. i’ve always wanted to stake a claim out there in cyberspace, fence it in nicely and build a cute little house to put my jumbled up thoughts in. maybe i’ll plant some flowers and build myself a swimming pool, get a couple of horses or something. =)
i guess i think that if i call out into the void and tell it about all my problems, it’ll listen to me and i’ll be allowed to type as much as i want for as long as i want, and still the void will accomodate me, mutely listening, understanding, ever patient. it’ll log everything i ever type, which is great for my pack-rat self. it’ll remember all my moods so i can come back and peruse them to laugh at myself later. it’ll obey my every whim–or not, God knows how temperamental computers are.
the thing is, what can i put up in this totally public place, this bulletin board to humanity? i can’t complain about the things i keep in the shadows of my heart lest my secrets be disclosed to all the world. who will read this, anyway? who will care?
i’ve always been like this: sidestepping around what i really want to talk about, only to talk about the act of talking about whatever i am trying to talk about. hahaha. is verbosity really that huge of a crime??? less is more!!!

wow, i’m really bored. somebody whack me over the head with a golf club. maybe then i’ll return to the normal world where people get up before noon and do meaningful things with their lives… =)


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