Bluetooth tags

There are three Indiegogo campaigns for bluetooth tags going on right now. How do I choose between them?

Bringrr – little tags that connect to your phone; you can get as many as you want; mobile app focuses on helping you find your lost keys by showing arrows on your phone’s screen if you’re close by, or pushing a button on the app to make the tag beep. Has an optional car charger that checks for your phone’s presence and beeps if you don’t have it (so you don’t drive away without your phone). The coolest thing about this one: you can attach tag names to your google calendar events and it’ll alert you if you don’t have the tags near you at that time. Which is actually amazing. This team seems the most interested in integrating with all aspects of your life (calendar; google glass app), which is wacky but cool.

Duet – little tags; up to ten; mobile app focuses on alerting you proactively if the tag leaves proximity of your phone (by beeping both things), also allowing you to set hours for it or turn it off if you’re in the library. Again, you can make the tag beep from your phone. If you leave your phone behind but take your tag with you (if it’s on your keys, say), it’ll make one or both beep. I don’t know if you can use the tag to make your phone ring (to find your phone).

GoKey – usb to lightning or microusb charger AND battery, usb drive (up to 32gigs), bluetooth locator (use your phone to make your GoKey ring, or press a button on your GoKey to make your phone ring). The app for this one doesn’t seem as robust (as the Bringrr) but it’s useful enough. This one is probably the winner since it does so much, but I have an iPhone 4s. Nicky actually mentioned this one yesterday, and I didn’t even know about it!!!!

In terms of what I actually want out of this device, well, I don’t know. Something that rings my keys or rings my phone. I guess I kinda do want to tag a lot of things. And in terms of my values, I guess, I kinda dig how crazy the Bringrr people are (google glass app lol lol lol). So I’m kinda going GoKey > Bringrr > Duet? except I’d only get the GoKey if I gave up and got an iPhone 5.

I mean, at this point, I might as well hold out for a magic device that also counts my steps, calibrates and tracks how steady I can hold my yoga poses, streams music to bluetooth earphones or a jambox, connects to a different device to tell me when my laundry machine stops moving, waters my plants, senses temperature and humidity, controls my LED lightbulbs by turning them on when I’m near, automatically senses if my friends are within a block and are open to meeting up, helps me find friends at concerts, slices bread, alerts me when my favorite constellations are in view, helps me take selfies by being a remote control for my phone, alerts me if I’m walking in an area with public surveillance cameras, can be worn as a fashionable wristwatch, fashionable necklace, or clipped on to my belt loop, and is also a vibrator that your partner can control from their mobile. I mean really.



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