Naiveté – Chris Eppstein minitalk- GoGaRuCo ’12

talking to an activist, who saw a clearcut field and it broke his heart.
“if i had known what i was going to get into, might not have done all fo this.” but no regret in his voice. was happy that was ignorant of what was coming down.
resonated with me, because in my life, i’ve taken a risk but wasn’t aware of it.

a couple of stories. =)

in high school, college application deadline passed.

[Notetaker’s aside: I stopped taking notes here because the stories were really personal. They were amazing and I’ll post a link to the video when it comes up. The main takeaway is that… sometimes, if you’d known how “hard” something was going to be, that might have deterred you from attempting to do the really hard thing in the first place. But then you wouldn’t have done that amazing stuff. What I got from it was: don’t be afraid, and when more experienced people tell you “that’s not possible, do you know how hard that will be?” just do it anyway if you really believe in yourself.]

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