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Building a Rails Engine
11/11/05 – DHH wrote an anti-engine post on the official RoR blog. Basically writing against how we use Rails today (bringing in Omniauth, etc) — thought you should build application-specific solutions because it would be so easy. “the goal of rails is to create a world where they are neither needed or strongly desired” — that’s not the world we have to day, so it’s an interesting historical note. The goal for rails in 2005 was not to have pluggable components — it was going to be “if you need something, 10 lines of custom code! it’ll be that easy!”
JAmes Adam, “it would be madness to include them in the core rails” — creator of Engines
So how did we get here?
a rails application is an engine. you cannot build a rails app without an engine

may 21, 08 – merb slices. same idea of engines for merb. “little slices of mvc cake” — a vertical slicing of an application. slice out a bit of functionality and use them in different applications. how the speaker got invovled — was using merb, wrote merbadmin (first gogaruco lightning talks on merbadmin). his first open source project. took open source css from django 😉 you see a lot of sharing in the open source community but not a lot across languages.

12/23/08 – rails and merb merge. merb was dead as a standalone project, but many of the ideas of merb, including engine, got built into rails core.

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3: Steven! Ragnarok on teaching Ruby!
I live-tweeted this crap out of this =D

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