kindergarten was a long time ago

While I was at home, I only looked in one box. I found a small plastic bag of pictures. Here is just one of them.

kindergarten was a long time ago

I’ll scan them at some point, but the power is out in half of my apartment, so I’m camped out in the living room right now.


    1. That’s what I thought, too, about Greg. Do you see his lunchbox, too?

      Can you recognize lindsay and jeff YN and victor? And me of course. I showed Fritz last night and he couldn’t stop laughing. “Why did they put those glasses on you???!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?” I told him that I had asked the same question of my mom, and she had told me that she was so sad that I had to wear glasses. She didn’t want my vision to be obscured, so, having never worn corrective vision glasses in her life, she thought that smaller frames would constrict my field of view.

      Last night at 4am, I wasn’t going to go get my scanner out of my dark, powerless room and set it up out here, but I wanted to show you this picture in particular, so I took a picture of it to post, haha.

      Look at all our chocolate milks, but Greg got a regular milk. Lindsay and I are extremely civilized, eating our chicken nuggets with sporks. And people are drinking their chocolate milk with straws.

      I think the girl next to me is named Brandi? Or Carli or something?

      I remember a lot of Greg’s shenanigans when we were in kindergarten, because you could always rely on him for shenanigans. He was the one that showed us you could plug the top of your straw with your thumb, and hold milk in the bottom of the straw. He held it over our lunchboxes to show us it wouldn’t fall out, but of course drops did. I think he probably got the rest of us to try and we got in trouble for it, but I don’t remember clearly. Another time, he carefully unwrapped his slice of american cheese and promptly dropped it on the ground. It did a full face-plant. He picked it up, completely unfazed, and ate it. We were all like “EWWWWW!!!” and he was like “what?” hahahaa


      1. I didn’t recognize Lindsay right off the bat but now I do. She pretty much looks exactly the same (as far as I know from Facebook) and that’s adorable!

        I definitely recognized JeffBob and Victor right away too. Is the little guy in the back whose face you can only half-see Dennis? He’s got the same round face but I can’t see clearly enough and I think they might have different noses. Dennis maybe wore glasses by then, her certainly did in 6th grade. Big giant ones like yours.

        Maybe I don’t know the girl beside you. I was thinking she was Sara, this girl who didn’t go to Lynbrook with us that I was kinda friends with until she started doing drugs and stuff. But I think Sara and I were sorta-friends because she was new to Dilworth either the same year I was or the year before? But I’m not entirely sure about that.

  1. Wonderful! Hey was it obligatory for elementary schools to have red-orange doors? Cuz that was the exact color of the doors on my school too! In fact, it is a color that I regularly associate with that time in my life. That, and those mechanical “vacuums” you push around on institutional carpet.

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