This Saturday, there is a meetup for the BIG people in the learnnavi.org community (people are flying in from all over the US AND the WORLD!!! JUST for this!!!!)!!! AND Paul Frommer, the creator of the language, is going to be there. They’re gonna work on the language hardcore-style from 9:30am. I’m going to the afterparty!

They tried to get everyone in the community to make greeting cards for Karyu Pawl, to sort of introduce ourselves and so that he feels like he’s communicating with human beings when we pepper him with questions via email. Karyu means “teacher.” After two hours, this is the best I could come up with:

greeting card for Karyu Pawl

I took these pictures on the same day, in hawaii, a couple of years ago. I have realized that I either have no good photos of myself or I just forgot about them and can’t find them. Also: I have no idea how to use GIMP. hahahaha.

irayo means “thank you.” meoauniaea is eight syllables and means “harmony; being at one with nature.” It goes perfectly in the Erasure song “Always” (harmony harmony o love = meoauniaEA!). nì means “in”. rey means “live” and <iv> is the … subjunctive mood verbal infix (so r<iv>ey. Oh god, I hope I did it right. I’m trying to say “and may you always live in harmony with nature” I guess. AUUUGHHH

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