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I was sort of looking for an old post where I put two pictures of Iowa right next to each other (one that I took in Coralville at a Carl’s Jr (except it was called somethign else) when I was there, and then another that was taken from a helicopter by a newspaper that showed the same fast food restaurant submerged by a flood) because I wanted to show someone, but I haven’t found that post yet.

Instead I found a bunch of awesome old posts. There’s a lot of the same stuff in there, for example, a post where I ranted about how fucking awesome Blizzcon was (remember G & L, when we used to hang out with them? They were great and they played awesome word games and mafia all the time), and a post where I dreamed that I put in my retainer and my teeth fell out. It was weird to read that post from October of 2005, because LAST NIGHT, I dreamed that I put in my retainer for the first time in years, and when I took it out, my teeth came out with it. Lisa told me back then that it was a symbol for lost childhood. I am still having symbols for lost childhood right now. RIGHT NOW!

Anyway there’s a post, http://judytuna.livejournal.com/116875.html?view=611723#t611723 , about how I took a test and I’m ENFP. I took the test again just now, and I’m still an ENFP. E: 78. N: 75. F: 62. P: 56.

Also, from 2005:
The Wasteland, HarryPotter-ized: http://ladysisyphus.livejournal.com/294368.html
It still makes me weep with joy.

Names in Harry Potter and how people are translating them: http://www.cjvlang.com/Hpotter/

We were just talking about HP today with caro and lisa so I guess that’s why I’m so amused by these old links.

From 2006:

From this article: http://www.newyorker.com/printables/fact/051226fa_fact

Near the end of “The Golden Compass,” Lord Asriel asks Lyra to bring him a copy of the Bible, and he reads her a passage from Genesis. In Lyra’s world, the Bible isn’t quite the same as ours: when Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit, the first thing they see is the adult form of their daemons. “But it en’t true, is it?” Lyra asks of the story. “Not true like chemistry or engineering, not that kind of true? There wasn’t really an Adam and Eve?” Lord Asriel tells her to think of the story as an “imaginary number, like the square root of minus one.” Its truth might not be tangible, but you can use it to calculate “all manner of things that couldn’t be imagined without it.” The metaphor is not just cunning; it helps explain why Pullman, a champion of science, writes in the fantastic mode.

That is why I liked His Dark Materials so much.
My post here: http://judytuna.livejournal.com/120141.html
It’s long, because I pasted in the text of an article. However, scroll down to the bottom: that post and its comments are funny because it shows how Ryan is a killjoy, Steve is patient, and Alangela tell me about toenotes.

Man, I’m dying of laughter reading the comments in this too: http://judytuna.livejournal.com/120671.html?view=612191#t612191 . There’s a lot of stuff like this from back then. My friends are awesome and supportive.

Thank you.

On /wristing in class: http://judytuna.livejournal.com/121376.html

On the five friendlies, from post http://judytuna.livejournal.com/123336.html , I bring you:

i haven’t even looked at a year’s worth of entries. haha.

From April 2005: Steve says, as a comment to http://judytuna.livejournal.com/100326.html ,

nawh, i don’t have the Beatstick of Musical Wrath; that’s an epic world drop. if i got it, i’d sell it in the AH for like 1100 gold. i just have the Conductor’s Bludgeon of Metric Accuracy with +28 music dmg and the ability to dispell one stylistically inaccurate rythmic notation on use (30 minute cooldown).

I was thinking about the Beatstick of Musical Wrath like yesterday, actually. And I’d forgotten about the Conductor’s Bludgeon of Metric Accuracy.
Also, this is evidence that it’s been more than five years since I started arranging Harbor, and it only saw the light of day our practice room in Morrison once, in like 2006, in an almost-finished form, at the end of the semester. I remember Patrick saying he’d figure out some VP for it. Then in like 2008, Chris even came over and helped me look for it, but we looked through all of my boxes and couldn’t find it. Man……….


    1. Yeah!!! I was thinking that, too, ever since you pointed out that they could all vanish. I almost never look back at them, but when I do, man, it’s hilarious.

      I did notice that WordPress.com has an importing function from LJ…

  1. On the subject of the Beatstick of Musical Wrath: “Some day my prince will come” is not only a fantastic title for a pornographic film, but also a great song to sing in 5/4:

    Some(123)-day(4) when(5) spring(1) is(2) here(345)
    We’ll(123)-find(4) our(5) love(1) a(2)-new(3) and(4) the(5)
    birds(1) will(2) sing(3) and(4) the(5) bells(1) will(2) ring(3) some(4) day(5)
    when(12) my(3) dreams(4) come(5) true(12345)

  2. This is all so great! Hey did you look up when the floods were? That might help you find your post. There was a big one in June 2008 but that is too recent?

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