looking for roommate!

Dear world,

Do you guys know anyone looking for housing in san francisco? Single room for $725/month (security deposit is $725, utilities (internet, power, gas) run about $30/mo per person). Starting May 1.

Four people total in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. Fritz (25, undergrad student at SFSU in elec. engineering) and I (27, working across the bay) share one of the rooms and bathrooms, and the other two rooms share the other bathroom. Dat (27, grad student at SFSU in kinesiology) is staying. (Sarah, 23 and a grad student in forensic psychology, is the one moving out before May 1).

The apartment’s pretty sweet. Big kitchen, two big sunny common areas (we use one for a dining room, and the other for a living room with couches/TVs/game systems/netflix player/music room). Our instrument collection is looking nicer–I’ve got an acoustic guitar, Fritz has an electric keyboard and a mandolin and an electric bass, and Dat has an electric guitar and a drumset (drumset is set up in the garage, with pieces from Fritz’s drumset mixed in). We started trying to play some music together and got an Eisley song up and running, but haven’t played together lately. Uh. I like Muse and Vienna Teng. Dat likes indie. Fritz likes everything.

We’re on Mission St, south of the numbers. We’re between 24th st and glen park bart stations (glen park is a bit closer so that’s where I walk to go to work, but at night when I come home, I get off at 24th st because the 14 and the 49 take me to my doorstep. Literally. The bus stops in front of our apartment. It is awesome.)


      1. In theory, I’ll have a PhD in Geophysics. I’d like to come back to CA/the Bay Area, but I have no idea about a job nor who’s hiring, let alone what want to do.

  1. Maybe I should move up there rather than continue looking for a replacement roommate down here in Palo Alto. Heck, even factoring in gas+parking, I think it’s cheaper than what I’m paying down here.

    And did you hear Vienna is cutting back on music and performing… to go to grad school?

    1. WAT? I did not hear that. WAT? HAHAHA is she taking her grandmother’s advice?!??!?!!?!?!??!?! What is she studying? Where is she going?!??? Okay I’m looking up her blog and her myspace now

      Are you serious about housing? Even remotely? Because we really need someone by May 1. You’re welcome to come up and visit/meet my boyfriend Fritz and our housemate Dat. My number’s the same.

      The price is relatively cheap for the bay area (kill me now) because it’s a three-bedroom apartment with four people in it. It started out with 2 boys in this room before (Dylan and Fritz), and when Dylan moved out to New York in pursuit of a bigger shinier life and more hipsterdom, I moved in, so it’s worked out. I like the arrangement cuz it keeps things cheap (sort of…. cry)

      Even if you don’t take the room, let me know if you hear about anybody that is looking in SF! haha

      1. Trying to decide how serious I am. I was biking back and forth between Stanford and home all day today to interview Craigslist roommates and people to take over the entire lease. (I have 2 ads up on Craigslist, one for a replacement roommate and one for an entire lease take over since we’ve had problems finding a replacement roommate at the price were stuck with on the lease.)

        I *really* *really* want to live in SF. I actually picked Stanfurd predicated on living in SF, and I kinda cried when I realized how inconvenient it was (only after turning down the Canadian school). I need a while to decide if I can handle the transportation hassle now that I’m more established in school.

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