WAT? I did not hear that. WAT? HAHAHA is she taking her grandmother’s advice?!??!?!!?!?!??!?! What is she studying? Where is she going?!??? Okay I’m looking up her blog and her myspace now

Are you serious about housing? Even remotely? Because we really need someone by May 1. You’re welcome to come up and visit/meet my boyfriend Fritz and our housemate Dat. My number’s the same.

The price is relatively cheap for the bay area (kill me now) because it’s a three-bedroom apartment with four people in it. It started out with 2 boys in this room before (Dylan and Fritz), and when Dylan moved out to New York in pursuit of a bigger shinier life and more hipsterdom, I moved in, so it’s worked out. I like the arrangement cuz it keeps things cheap (sort of…. cry)

Even if you don’t take the room, let me know if you hear about anybody that is looking in SF! haha