manic pixie dream girl

i told my housemate about how much i hate felicia day (specifially in her smash hit webisode series “the guild,” which i’ve only seen a few episodes of, and was resolved to hate, and it’s actually kind of entertaining, but i haven’t watched more, because it just makes me feel bad, except people told me it actually did a pretty good job of talking about the gamer stereotypes. anyway i am full of vitriol about it and it’s unfair since i haven’t even given it a fair chance… but i don’t want to) because she represents everyting i hate about malecentric geek culture’s attitudes towards women. namely, that they are “neurotic,” which is code for desirable sexy harmless little wench to be saved. she is so cute, but like so totally such a nerd, look at her with her geeky awkwardness that is actually cuteness, awww. she is like totally neurotic, she throws her hands up and opens her eyes wide and does the thing with her neck like omigosh, and nerdy boys and girls are supposed to like SO TOTALLY LOVE that because it means she’s crazy, and she’s just like them, and she totally has nerd cred because of how NEUROTIC she is, but all that this means is she’s not ACTUALLY neurotic. she’s only sexy. (their music video also highlights everything about what geeks male and female want out of other geek celebrities: girls must necessarily be sexy, purse your lips, make eyes at the camera, and boys must necessarily be goofballs, and kind of funny-looking. but the girls, they must be gorgeous.) just like the one that isn’t J.D. in scrubs. she’s crazy, but only to be so, so cute, and GIRLY. so a nice BIG MAN can come and LOVE her.

so he linked me this:,2407/


note: instead of saying this, i *should* love her and celebrate her, to show support of other women in geeky culture, especially one that has been so successful. obviously i am just jealous that i am not that gorgeous, that i am not white, and that i don’t have red hair, so i can never actually be desirable main nerd. i can only be exotic asian nerd. except i don’t even want that. you know what? i;m just going to stop


  1. I like coketalk’s thoughts on MPDGs:

    “She’s the post-adolescent male version of a hyper-idealized romantic fantasy. In other words, Edward Cullen with tits instead of fangs.

    She’s basically a femme fatale for guys that are pussies.

    Pretty harmless, really.”

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