1. To get to the other side? No, wait, that’s the duck.
    Hmm, well it looks like it might be algae, which usually grows in still water (low oxygen) with a lot of nutrients (hobo pee) in it.

    Or it might be pollen, though I think it’s the wrong time of year…

    1. bunch of pictures http://www.flickr.com/photos/judytuna/sets/72157622987651903/

      all the ducks were pretty active.

      the INTERESTING part wasn’t even the crazy green pond! it was watching the mating rituals, but i didn’t write about them in my post because I was probably falling asleep. we watched them swim around in pairs, and a single male would go up to a pair, and kind of creepily follow them around for a while, until the other mail turned around and chased him off.

      there was one belligerent alpha male duck that started a fight with another boy duck. they started on the log and started snapped each other. then the more alpha one grabbed the other one’s beak and like pulled it around, AND chased him off the log, AND THEN chased him clear across the pond. it was an impressive display of “stay away from mah wimminz.”

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