one last thing before i go upstairs & to bed

big caucasian guy just looked in, saw me at the computer, opened the door and said “konichiwa.” i said “hello” and he raised his eyebrows, looked back at his friend, and said “hello?” pointing at me, obviously surprised that i spoke english. i said “i’m from america” by way of explanation and i can’t imagine i said it in a very friendly manner. he said “you go to sleep now arigato” (in fake asian accented broken english). don’t think he works here, just wanted to talk to other hostel residents i guess.

sharon mentioned that some storekeepers thought she was japanese too. i’ve only had 1 person in a store greet me in japanese (i assume she asked me if i wanted a basket cuz she was offering a basket). never underestimate the power of body language… ha!

i tried to talk to a lady today at the bus stop who pointed at herself and said “japanese.” then she said my face looked japanese haha.

3 thoughts on “one last thing before i go upstairs & to bed

    1. it’s true. we were in waikiki, the most touristy of them all. there are a lot of japanese people that visit hawaii and that live there. you can get a lot of menus in english or japanese and bus stops are also listed in english and japanese and stuff. you see a lot of tour buses labeled “NIPPON TOURING COMPANY” full of japanese people on the streets, too. japan is close by i guess. also at the teppenyaki restaurant, we noticed our chef speaking in japanese to some japanese-only-speaking guests at our table and we asked him if he grew up speaking it (he didn’t really, though he’s a very small part japanese) … he said it was just part of job training, required for working at that restaurant.

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