hawaii – day 1

So I’m in Hawaii. My hostel has an internet cafe with 11 little computers set up for internet access. They use cyber cafe pro here, which is what eudemoia used to use. this keyboad really really bites and half the keys dont press down all the way. i’ve just decided to give up on not haing typos due to the keyboad sucking. i bought the ‘2 hours for $10" special so i could upload pictures and post here, but my cord is upstairs and i’m feeling lazy.

Today i got on the plane at sfo at 8:20ish am and it departed at 8;50. was really cold on the plane, wrapped myself up in 2 blankets and lept for 2 hours. watche the latest indiana jones for the ther

sept 28 3:15am edited to add:

well, watched the crystal skull for the rest of the flight. got to oahu at 11am hawaii time. while i was walking out of the plane, hanyi saw me–turns out we were on the same flight. met brian. got our ulggage–they had lots. met up with ellin. she picked up her car. we dropped off h’s derss at the cleaner. they gve mea ride to my hostel.

i got settled in a little, then went straight to the beach. with one of my dormmates from vancouver. it was overcast. i swam. i opened my eyes underwater and promptly lost my right contact. it started raining. i went back on the beach and fell alseep cuz i was exhausted. then it started raining harder. we left. the water was very turquoise. we opened one of the beach umbrellas and then got told we had to pay for it hahaha.

was cold. took a shower. got bored, went outside to go shopping for a dress to wear at the wedding. found 2 that were ok for $20 each.

went to dinner at a teppanyaki place with hanyi/brian/some of brian’s friends. our guy told a lot of stupid jokes. "butterfly." "sashimi" (uncooked shrimp).

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