quote of the day 2

We just had a talk with Marcus. It is another one that I felt I needed to record. I paraphrase:

There’s a girl in my guild from another country. She’s a girl. You know Kuwait? Is that a thing? Do you know when she goes to bed? 3pm server time. We run things with her to try to get her gear. I help her out sometimes, and then she says things to me like “I like you. I love you.” And I just say “Why.” Cuz of God. I believe in God, in my heart. I believe that God is good. You know how if you do something bad, God will do something bad to you? It says it in the chapter. Which chapter was it? Oh! It was Cain. You know Cain? You know his brother Abraham? You know Abraham right? So when Cain killed him, God banished him. He banished Cain from Earth. [At this point, Tyler interjected: “Cain wasn’t banished from Earth, he was banished from Eden.”] So you know how Cain is a vampire. Some people will make it into a story, and say that it’s all just make-believe. Some people say things like, “D&D is a bad game you’ll go to hell if you play it,” but I don’t listen to those people. I just smile cuz I like playing D&D. Hey Judy. I’m so happy right now. Do you want to know why? [some guy’s character name]’s girlfriend? She’s playing right now! She’s from China!!!! I’M SO HAPPY!

I’m in the back at Eudo with Fritz, Tyler, Kyle, RyanD, and Marcus. They’re doing Kara, except for R, who’s playing DotA. I think Marcus is autistic? I do not know the name of whatever it is he has. He is childlike: he gets a emotional about things in all directions. He plays WoW and we teach him stuff about addons and stuff, and he doesn’t always remember things. Also he really likes talking to people and he’ll stand there and demand your attention (though he will say “excuse me sorry for interrupting I was in Mana Tombs and MY BELT DROPPED THANK YOU JESUS”), so you need to be patient and hear him out; if you ignore him he’ll get angry. But it is interesting to talk to someone on a daily basis that doesn’t like, hold grudges–that takes you always at face value. He reciprocates whatever emotion you present to him. It is refreshing in a way. It is also really frustrating to get through to him. I won’t lie; my patience has limits.

I just worked the counter with LizN from 5-10, cuz it’s spring break and LizB is out of town. Friday evening shifts here are pretty intense, man. I was $4.35 short, which upsets me: I am not perfect. I also covered the counter for Wyll’s half-hour lunch break at like 2. And made a flyer and got them printed. And bought a Black War Elekk ha ha they are so funny-looking ha ha ha I love Elekks. And shoved Polia through the new cat door a bunch of times. “Hiss! Hiss! Oh hi! Who are you? (You’re the lady from the test! What’s that burning smell? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)”

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  1. Autistic is an umbrella term, but I’m not sure it applies to Marcus – the autistic disorders I know of rarely allow such general friendliness.

    But yes, there’s something about him, and it makes him kind of loveable, you know?

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