HAARP release date: april 1


April 1
The Clay Theatre
2261 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
Tickets available at the Door


special edition http://store.wbr.com/prod.aspx?sys=wbr&upc=825646968244



    1. From the solo album of one of the guys from System of A Down. It’s a good album! I never thought of it as Muse-like, but now that you put it in context I can see the similarities =P

    2. Oh wow. That video is =(
      Eudemonia is around the corner from the Marine recruitment center and Code Pink protests in front of it every day. One morning, one of the regulars walked in and said “I just got recruited at by the Marines,” and waved a flyer. We were incredulous. “You walked by in the five minutes that code pink wasn’t there?”

      Regarding Serj Tankian: one of my WoW friends is a hardcore SOAD fan, and he sent me the entire Serj Tankian album a few months ago. I listened through it a few times and this is one of the songs that I remember. But I’d never seen the video, so thanks for linking it. It is =(

      1. I know, the video is intense! But then his crazed expressions make it kind of funny to me.

        Also, I thought the city of Berkeley was going to outlaw recruiting… or was that just UC?

  1. You should listen to Live 105. I think every time they play a Muse song, the 20th caller gets a free HAARP box set and entered in a drawing to a trip to London to see Muse.

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