girl gamers

my mom sent me an email with this link. the email said “are you a gamer?” she is incredulous.


  1. warning: rant incoming

    “Not overly-sexualized…” That’s what they said about their main women’s character in their women’s developed game. Gimme a fucking break!! Look at photo 7. If that’s not overly-sexualized and just perpetuating the stupid women characters that are in so many male fantasy games, then I don’t know what is. If i were an espionage woman and I had giant breasts like that, I would not wear (basically) a black leather bra as my outfit. By the way, it’s really convenient that my breasts are big, my waist is tiny, and my butt is small.

    “…the problem is marketing…. we just need to make a good game….” ????? What the fuck. really. Yes, let’s make a game that treats women like sex objects and then tell women they should like it. that’s sounds like a good idea. After all, it’s not about the message, or the characters, or the story, or the game play, it’s about marketing. These kind of women are not helping, they are hurting.

    1. yeah, i know. i think as long as people have to say things like “it is not over-sexualized,” the problem still exists, because even if the art is truly not over-sexualized, the fact that they are talking about it not being over-sexualized is over-sexualizing it. overall, an impossible situation. you know, i didn’t take issue with the “we just need to make a good game” sentence, because isn’t that the right sentiment? make a good game and the gamers will follow. but i guess what you’re saying is… that doesn’t exactly apply to that particular game.

      strange time to be a woman. i guess any time in history ever is a strange time to be a woman, or a human being, or any creature made of carbon and nitrogen. it is all very strange.

      so, what have i been exposed to lately? valve games…

      chell in portal was attractive, but i did not think she was sexualized.

      here’s alyx in half-life. she wears hoodies and stuff.

      i think they’re pretty good. i haven’t played half-life for more than half an hour, so i can’t tell you how well alyx’s character is written or anything truly informative, but she has a firearm while i don’t and she generally seems to pwn.

      savage 2, call of duty 4, battlefield 2 and crysis have no women, of course. what else have i played? um.

      1. yeah, I don’t have theoretically have a problem with making a good game, but in context, it seemed like a good game was just like all the other games which are still so male-fantasy oriented, and the fact that she seemed to be taking a marketing angle, almost as if they just need to “spin” it better and then women will like it, like she’s bought into thte fantasy. Sounds kinda manipulative. But yeah, there are games out there (like you posted pictures) that don’t have eye-rolling females in it. Silent Hill wasn’t bad, although I was relieved when George unlocked pants for the poor girl to wear.

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