yeah, i know. i think as long as people have to say things like “it is not over-sexualized,” the problem still exists, because even if the art is truly not over-sexualized, the fact that they are talking about it not being over-sexualized is over-sexualizing it. overall, an impossible situation. you know, i didn’t take issue with the “we just need to make a good game” sentence, because isn’t that the right sentiment? make a good game and the gamers will follow. but i guess what you’re saying is… that doesn’t exactly apply to that particular game.

strange time to be a woman. i guess any time in history ever is a strange time to be a woman, or a human being, or any creature made of carbon and nitrogen. it is all very strange.

so, what have i been exposed to lately? valve games…

chell in portal was attractive, but i did not think she was sexualized.

here’s alyx in half-life. she wears hoodies and stuff.

i think they’re pretty good. i haven’t played half-life for more than half an hour, so i can’t tell you how well alyx’s character is written or anything truly informative, but she has a firearm while i don’t and she generally seems to pwn.

savage 2, call of duty 4, battlefield 2 and crysis have no women, of course. what else have i played? um.