gold is nothing compared to ariel.

I’m reading a fansite on The Little Mermaid. Observe:

the little mermaid 1,2 n 3 is the best ever!! Im DYING to watch mermaid 3!! I wanna be like ariel have red hair, fins, good looks and beautiful voice!! I have3 reasons why its the best!! 1. I love marine life and animals!! 2.mermaids are so unique, cool and the best!! 3. They have fins and human!! FINS!!!! also i love her voice and personality!! shes also pretty, sweet, charming and has a great body!! Im lucky to love her!! gold is nothing compared to ariel!!!! all im saying is that she’s the best forever!!!!!! 🙂 How well do u think mermaid 3’s gonna be? im waiting for a reply!!!! thx!!!

That was from a 13-year-old girl. Reminds me of sitting on my Little Mermaid towel after swimming and hearing my mom muse “look at her boobs. So sexy,” quite possibly the only time I’ve heard my mom utter such a thing. And now from a 21-year-old boy:

This was the first movie I ever watched in a theatre. I was 4, and still I remember it so well. One week ago, for some reason, I just felt like watching it again.. You know for old time’s sake. I knew it was a special film. But when it started playing…man! I just couldn’t keep smiling and laughing about everything I saw! The music’s I haven’t heard for Years were still so fresh in my mind! Man! I feel in love with it all over again! It was like being 4 again. And it was great. I simply cannot imagine myself today without seeing this and so many other great Disney’s films. And after experiencing it after all these years, it’s extremely hard not to consider this one of my all time favourite films (I’m reeealy temped to say its my nº1). And even although as I walked my bedroom door and face a bitter blunt reality, I fell like caring a secret talisman inside of me. One that makes me feel good, and bad at the same time. Knowing that such a reality only exists in our minds (and harts). They just don’t make them like this any more… (sorry for my bad English, I’m from Portugal)


What makes you feel like you’re carrying a secret talisman inside?




        omg omg omg omg omg laura come visit and you guys can meet in person omggggg????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will LOVE each other

      2. Sweet icon, by the way.

        Just a fan of classic, or do you like the new stuff too? Are you half as obsessive as I? (it’s… a problem. But a good problem.) (Tom Baker has been the subject of much fangirlish sketching during my physics classes recently.) (Sarah Jane is quite adored. And I do have to admit, there are a few bits in there with Pertwee that show her at her militant best.) (And I’m afraid I didn’t get obsessed until I spent a week and a half watching the entirety of the recent series. I kind of double-impressed on 4 and 10.)

        1. I was introduced to the good Doctor in the new series over the summer. After my friend and I had watched every episode from the first two seasons I started watching the classic stuff to fill the sudden Doctor Who void in my life.

          I find myself a fan of all the even numbered Doctors;
          Two is awesome and has the only companion to rival Sarah Jane; Jamie.
          Four is so iconic and impish that it hurts!
          Six is dark and snarky and I love him and feel that the BBC gave him a raw deal.
          Eight, while stuck in a bad movie, managed to be charming and weird, and since it was Paul McGann, super super cute.

          1. I have to agree entirely regarding 2. However, 6 scares the heck out me, partly perhaps because I’m a big fan of Art Garfunkel. Eight is annoyingly cute and Paul McGann is talented so I’m kind of pissed at the suck they gave him for lines in the movie. I need to read a few of the novels and stuff just so I can get a bit more Eight story, especially to find out about this Zagreus guy he went up against.

            One is crotchety and annoying when you first watch him but he grows on you. Three is fun in a very James Bond way, plus everything can be explained becuase he wore ruffles. And while Jo Grant is irritating as all heck, the Master is awesome as are Liz Shaw and the first episodes of Sarah Jane. Five doesn’t bother me like he seems to bug most other people. He’s sort of sweet and awkward and adorable, like most of my guy friends.

            Seven bugged me at first, but he is also awesome as the most powerful of the Doctors, super eccentric and somewhat like a gnome. Ace is superb and beautiful, I love her. And – Sylvester McCoy actually saved the life of the girl who played Ace during filming of one episode.

            It’s harder to explain what I think of 9 and 10. Rose bugs the heck out of me, but I adore what she does to the Doctor. I don’t like the Doctor shell shocked, but I think it develops his character. Ten is as in love with Tom Baker and as hyper as ME and it is glorious.

            I started watching the old series bit by bit a year before I started the new. But I didn’t have opportunity back then to watch it consistently. Then one day I encountered TV-links, and shortly thereafter I had the house to myself for two weeks… so I just didn’t sleep much for watching Who on the net. Which is why I think the BBC was stupid to take TV-links down, because if it hadn’t been for that I’d probably never have become so obsessed and bought two seasons of the new series, making money for the BBC. Rarrgh.

          2. *shakes fist at the BBC*
            I will try and find more of the odd Doctors’ episodes to watch! I’ve seen a few of Three, but he always struck me as a bit pompous.

            Rose annoys me a bit, but I did love her relationship with Nine. She and Ten kinda got too lovely dovey for me. I’m excited to see how Donna works with Ten in the upcoming season. 🙂

            Really, you should give Six another try. Do the audios if you prefer, they give him much more depth and he’s wonderful.

          3. Heh. I have a lot of silly reasons for avoiding Six. (Including Peri.) I find them so amusing I don’t entirely want to give up on them.

            It’s actually fairly easy to find old episodes on Youtube – though sometimes they exist only under these awesomely ridiculous codenames. I usually use Wikipedia’s list of all the serials to decide what to look for – and figure it out from there.

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