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gold is nothing compared to ariel.

I’m reading a fansite on The Little Mermaid. Observe:

the little mermaid 1,2 n 3 is the best ever!! Im DYING to watch mermaid 3!! I wanna be like ariel have red hair, fins, good looks and beautiful voice!! I have3 reasons why its the best!! 1. I love marine life and animals!! 2.mermaids are so unique, cool and the best!! 3. They have fins and human!! FINS!!!! also i love her voice and personality!! shes also pretty, sweet, charming and has a great body!! Im lucky to love her!! gold is nothing compared to ariel!!!! all im saying is that she’s the best forever!!!!!! 🙂 How well do u think mermaid 3’s gonna be? im waiting for a reply!!!! thx!!!

That was from a 13-year-old girl. Reminds me of sitting on my Little Mermaid towel after swimming and hearing my mom muse “look at her boobs. So sexy,” quite possibly the only time I’ve heard my mom utter such a thing. And now from a 21-year-old boy:

This was the first movie I ever watched in a theatre. I was 4, and still I remember it so well. One week ago, for some reason, I just felt like watching it again.. You know for old time’s sake. I knew it was a special film. But when it started playing…man! I just couldn’t keep smiling and laughing about everything I saw! The music’s I haven’t heard for Years were still so fresh in my mind! Man! I feel in love with it all over again! It was like being 4 again. And it was great. I simply cannot imagine myself today without seeing this and so many other great Disney’s films. And after experiencing it after all these years, it’s extremely hard not to consider this one of my all time favourite films (I’m reeealy temped to say its my nº1). And even although as I walked my bedroom door and face a bitter blunt reality, I fell like caring a secret talisman inside of me. One that makes me feel good, and bad at the same time. Knowing that such a reality only exists in our minds (and harts). They just don’t make them like this any more… (sorry for my bad English, I’m from Portugal)


What makes you feel like you’re carrying a secret talisman inside?