I went “running” today. By “running” I mean “run for half a block, then walk for a really long time, and then hear something that sounds like someone falling off a skateboard behind me, turn around, see a dude in the middle of the street towing a small platform on a bike frantically picking up big round loaves of bread in the middle of an intersection, scramble over and help him deposit his spilt bredz back into the box, and scurry back to the sidewalk because lines of cars have formed in either direction on MLK.” I made it down to Ashby in 10 minutes of this and turned around and went back up the street. I do not run. Exercise means toys, even virtual ones, so according to this thing that’s 0.744 miles one-way. (I was curious, so according to this other one, walking to work is 0.8669 miles.) It barely sprinkled. Yoga was suggested, but there is not enough room in my room to stand even on one foot so in lieu of actual movement post-“run” I watched videos on youtube and learned what a ford model was. Then I learned that you can wear a Coach hat even though it’s a little more expensive because it’s cute and colorful and you’ll impress your friends because, you know, it’s from Coach. You’re welcome. http://www.nbc.com/The_Office/video/office_psa_lipstick.shtml#video

Hey! My power just went out. It was only my house, though, and flipping the breaker fixed it. But I could not find my flashlight! Or matches!


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