Today, I went to the dentist again. My tongue is numb. The dentist was like, “that’s weird. You’re the first person whose tongue got numb from shots in the upper gum. You’re special.” One amalgam (silver) and one composite (white) filling. Last visit was two white ones. Next visit is gonna be on July 30. Today, all three of us sang along with “hey there delilah” during a break: me prone and ridiculous in the chair; the attendant almost whispering, mouselike; the dentist, humming absentmindedly.

So with a tongue that flops about uselessly in my mouth, I turn to things that are sure to make me feel happy, like applesauce. Here, Matt fucks around on an acoustic guitar for a french interview. What he’d do to seduce a girl, Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits, “the opposite of Muse,” for fun, and a bit of falling down with more little wavies than I’ve ever heard it:

“C’etait quoi?” “I dunno I just made it up.”
“They say this guitar is magic!” “Possibly!” giggle!


Oh yah, and I finished HP7, of course. Now I’m working through that book by suz’s brother.

“But tonight you look so pretty, yes you do.” “Even more in love with me you’d fall, we’d have it all.” How annoying, how saccharine the lyrics, how calculated the voice with the careful cracks in measured places, how pleading: o how much I love this kind of song. Hahahahahha. I just bought it on iTunes. I CAN’T HELP IT

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