live 105 interviews that happened during the day yesterday

part 1. djing and lack of talent for; immigrant; mcr and muse’s effect on its fans, insane matt laugh; middle america; how to pronounce problemaTEEK:

part 2. on map of; on songs to dance to; on being a band for 12 years and growing up; whether they get sick of each other and poker, recommends to keep it light; talking about what to play next and dom’s ipod; the forum in LA is 20k people and they’re nervous:

part 3. they hang out in the cities they go to, in sf they go to the beauty bar because someone who i assume is affiliated with the radio station bartends there… and people’s flats? with girls with long nails? wtf? hahahaha; matt refuses to answer if he’s engaged; what they do on tour, keeping focus, dom talks about responsibility; other countries and losing your mind; korean bbq; penne pasta and sushi; nine inch nails’ new stuff:

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