There are two among you, fair readers, who would derive special amusement from this post: http://community.livejournal.com/ucberkeley/2088277.html
One is lemmingsolution for her love of squirrels; the other is shigi for her… um… not love for them.

Another thing that lemmingsolution should be interested in is this: http://theweeklycomic.com
Remember how my roommate is doing http://www.sproutcomics.com/ ? Yes, he’s still doing that, but that is a long-term project, and now he’s also doing a separate smaller weekly comic thing! So! Enter it! Because it is fun! Sometimes I don’t know why I don’t just write emails to people. But I want to tell everybody! And writing an email AND putting it in my journal is redundant!

I’ve had a headache all day and just now I started sneezing uncontrollably! Hooray!


  1. Cool and double cool. Squirrels are so cool even their poop is cool. I will add “search for poo” to my list of fake science experiments to do around Lake Merrit. (Right after “Document crested ducks”)

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