right now they’re fucking singing “all i want for christmas is you.” WHAT THE FUCK? YOU’VE KEPT IT UP FOR LIKE TWO WEEKS NOW!!!! EVERY DAY!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!

hahahahaha oh god they’re such terrible singers. and my window’s fucking closed auuughhhhhh *fires up winamp* my speakers can get really loud. i feel bad turning them up this much because i’m afraid that my neighbors will hate me, but i feel so much happier when i can feel the bass in my entire body. i really do.

I just got home an hour and a half ago! I’m elated and I love Muse more than ever. FIRST ROW. I was right up there at Chris’ feet, smashed into the rail and completely covered by other people, but I was in the FIRST ROW!!! I had a perfect view of Matt, Dom is a fucking madman on the drums, and Chris screaming SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE is really goddamn hot. I’ll post a big writeup at some point, but I’m tired and wired and in hysterics and daydreaming about grenades in nearby courtyards and I need to get out more. I love going out and talking to random people and the strokes were pretty good too. I really liked that one song that was a single that they played at the end of their set with the guitar riff in the middle (it’s a shame I don’t remember its name, isn’t it?) and I could actually dance cuz people had calmed down by that time. AHHH I had so much fun.

And HAHAHAHAH in the middle of their set, julian (the strokes’ singer) said, “muse fuckin rocks, don’t they? they melt face…” AAAAHAHAHAHAHA does julian play WoW? ahahahahaha

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