gone insane

1. 400 hand-drawn frames of roommate on roommate action:

http://www.magnetichiphop.com + http://www.wanderingpanda.com/ (+ permalink to the soliloquy post. edit: scroll down, it’s on that page, i expected that link to jump you there)

2. i have rock-solid sleep sleep schedule for the first time in what might be years. 5am – 1pm is a good, healthy eight hours. just the wrong eight hours.

3. oh, 2004: this post about muse at popscene took me a long time to find becuase i thought it happened in 2005. i thought wrong; it was in may 2004. http://judytuna.livejournal.com/90576.html , though there was a post about “falling down” sometime in 2005, too. my library of thoughts is not very vast.
3a. i had completely forgotten the part about the car getting locked in a garage. in my memories it’s blended with the incident at the CAF afterparty in LA where we watched matt pee in a parking garage. i’d forgotten about the manhole, but now i remember it clearly as well as the coiling extension cord snaking out of it. i do remember the bohemian rhapsody guy, and i do remember that i was really unhappy in the line because i missed ryan so much and wished he was there and detached myself from the group to talk on the phone with him for like an hour, but didn’t include that in my livejournal writeup on purpose. i’d forgotten that was the same trip i got my beloved orange-red old navy skirt. i can’t believe that was more than two years ago, especially because i still follow angelan around like that. in fact i just did last weekend. in fact i just complained about how without ryan i’m too stupid to say things like “hey, it’s getting late, please drive me to the bart now” and to read myself saying the same thing two years ago is just embarrassing. also embarrassing is how other people’s throwaway funny comments affect me so much; i just referenced lisa’s comment about me liking bands because they were cute boys the other day (because alex asked me what caused the rather sudden onset of obsession in the last month or so even though i’d known of them for a while; my reply was that i found out what they looked like. i was kidding though, i swear. ok fine i was only partially kidding) and she said that once TWO YEARS AGO. another example of this is my mom telling me not to buy shirts with ruffled sleeves. she said that once two years ago too but i keep talking about it whenever i wear that shirt. another example is derek telling me that i use the same valley-girl voice whenever i imitate anyone. now every time i imitate someone i annoy myself. WHEE! i make mountains out of EVERYTHING!
3b. i haven’t changed at all or done anything for a long time. it’s really embarrassing to read my livejournal, actually. man, i’m working myself into depression here. in conclusion,

4. i’m going to the strokes/muse concert in davis on thursday.
4a. when i called two weeks ago to buy a ticket, there were no floor seats left. so i bought an upper-level one. i have since decided that this is unacceptable so i’m selling my upper-level ticket frantically on craigslist (someone from gilroy just called me about it. he’s driving up to see the strokes and i’m meeting him there) as i concurrently attempt to buy a floor ticket off of someone from a facebook muse community. you guys. I HAVE GONE TOTALLY CRAZY. i never do anything by myself. i’m never the organizer, i’m always dependent on other people giving me rides, giving me ideas of things to do, i’ve never done anything on craigslist, i rarely even leave my own room, i can’t believe what i’m doing.
4b. i’m getting a ride to davis and back from some random guy on the official muse message board, but he’s not staying for the strokes. but that’s still better than renting a car by myself, or is it? anyway i’m telling everyone that i know so i feel safer. his name is wayne, he lives in berkeley, and he drives a nissan maxima. i’m meeting him at the ashby bart. what am i doing????

5. the bsides are really good. “in your world” blows my mind. i love it so much.


    1. Re: Do you use the Valley Girl voice when..

      photo? are you talking about the photo in this post or the post immediately after? errr…

      because this post has a photo of matthew bellamy, singer/guitarist/pianist of the UK band muse!!!!! only the hottest man in the universe!!

      the newsies post has a screencapture featuring a young christian bale… are you saying he looks weird in that one?


      give me something to imitate and i probably will

      1. That heroin addict chic

        I think it’s the young christian bale–he’s doing that “suck in your cheeks” pout thing, but it doesn’t work because he had even less in the way of cheeks than he does now (which is an achievement in and of itself!).

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