muse, a cappella

-USC Sirens doing Time is Running Out:
the soloist has a good voice but looks so… bored. and there’s a reason i never joined an all-girl a cappella group. the sound is so … whiny?nasal?plaintive? without boys (though i do issue the disclaimer that some (i guess the world i’ll use is plaintive?) songs sound way awesome in all-girl groups). and the arrangement… leaves… something to be desired /snobby

-UCSD Tritones doing Hysteria:
valiant effort; background is too busy (maybe it’s a function of shitty youtube quality, guess I’d have to hear it live to really judge)… at least the soloist is a little more inspired

I suspect that this is going to be another one of those lists that gets longer and longer.

I could barely watch these. Guh. We have such fucking good arrangers it makes me sick. I think Spot doing Stockholm Syndrome blows these out of the water, and while in light of these videos it’s not saying a lot, for me to actually believe that is. ZOMG ANGELA GET IT UP ON YOUTUBE SO WE CAN BE INTERNET FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!! and because I wish I were matt bellamy

-Rutgers Casual Harmony doing TiRO:
apparently, for icca 2006, they won 1st place and best choreo for this at the cornell quarterfinal in the mid-atlantic region.

What are some of your favorite youtubed a cappella performances of all time?


  1. Actaully, the rutgers one seems busier to me than the tritones. The chorus is total chaos. It’s also funny hearing it with the soloist’s twangy accent sometimes. On of all their major flaws is not paying more attention to the harmony to the solo. the tritones alomst completely ignore it. To me, that’s a big part of Muse songs, and why they sound so grand
    Well, I don’t have a computer right now, but when i get it back, i’ll put our performance of stockholme syndrome on it and you can see if it’s youtube-ready.

    1. Yeah, it’s jarring to hear american-“can’t” instead of british-“cahn’t stop me screaming out,” though I’ve noticed in live videos that he sings “can’t” now. D: and I’ve seen better choreography in my life… hahaa I’m so stuck up.

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