Today, an alarm clock rang near my room from 4pm to 8pm. Closing my windows helped to reduce the noise, but I didn’t want to since I’d accidentally left a candle burning all night and it’s kind of warm in here. (I haven’t turned off my computer since I had to reinstall windows on it last Sunday. They tell me to buy a new motherboard since I’ve already replaced the ram and the hard drive, or to try different things, like telling windows not to wipe the page file on shutdown. Instead, I don’t shut down my computer since it’s at that point my registry keeps getting corrupted. I think.) At one point there were two intermittent noises; was the second a cricket or another errant alarm? What are the chances of two people in different apartments setting and forgetting about alarms at the same time? I tried for about fifteen minutes to record the sound because that’s the only way to make you believe how annoying the noises were together, but my mic could not pick them up.

Although my windows remain closed, I can hear the girls talking rather clearly. Their conversations make a little more sense after reading “pledged,” but I’m still mystified over the whole thing–“You gave me like five different excuses to not go to my formals and I invited you to every invitational, of course I did, you know what, we just can’t be together if you’re going to be like this, I thought I’d come over today and just say hi but you turned it into this big mess,” high-pitched voice ever-rising in panic, ad nauseum. This reminds me that I ought to finish #3, “the wide window,” so that I may return the box set to ‘smores next I see her and perhaps procure the next set. I need help with my resume. I need a place to move to in Decemcber. I NEED A PLACE TO MOVE TO IN DECEMBER! That’s rather disconcerting. Should I up and move to Iowa?

I visit news websites in curiosity and horror; I click on videos and, unable to watch, pause and blink at a freeze-frame of a smoking tower and push the images away.

I’d write more than one sentence about this five-year anniversary if I had anything more to say. While this third sentence is a direct contradiction of the second, I admit that I write these words because I wish I knew what to say and I feel that there ought to be something to say.

Someone just put in two loads of laundry, but they said they’d come knock when they were done. (edited to add: they did, and then i saw them again downstairs. he said “are you korean? you really look korean.” he was korean but i guessed chinese. ALLLOOKSAME)

What can I wear with these boots?

I got them at Macy’s maybe 6 years ago, and find a reason to wear them maybe once a year. For example, at ICCA: http://photos-549.ak.facebook.com/ip001/v10/194/22/1206778/n1206778_877549_9116.jpg (tell me if this link works for you). The last time these boots made an appearance, I wore a short pleated brown courdoroy skirt and a black tank top. But I really don’t know what to wear with them. They’re awesome. I have a few articles of really awesome clothing, but I always wear terrible things with them (once I wore flip flops to a decadence sproul with my beautiful red jacket) because I fear that I’m too much of a dork to pull off a nice outfit. It’s time I outgrew that fear, but I still don’t know how to dress myself.

I’ll leave you with a poll showcasing the best… er, worst of adolescent fangirlism. I’ll cut to save those of you with less puerile tastes.

Thank you, Muse messageboards, where I can feel my IQ dropping by the second. (taken from the bottom of this post)


  1. Loud noises

    When I was in India this past winter, we stayed at a resort for a couple of days. Unfortunately there was some workers’ festival going on then (across the small valley we were in) and they played UNBELIEVABLY LOUD music from 6am-11pm every day. Yes, literally from your first waking moment (clearly since it was the thing that woke you up) till your last fading breath at night. 17 hours a day, every day, non stop. Even with all the windows closed and a pillow over your head, it was loud and clear.

    The other thing was that the music was also UNBELIEVABLY IRRITATING, probably the most heinous sound you could imagine. Luckily I captured 30 seconds of it on my camera.

    For your listening pleasure: ear murder.

    Anyway, point is, I sympathize 😉

  2. The number one important thing about fashion is that you feel good in it. If you feel awkward wearing something, you won’t pull it off no matter how good it looks on the rack. With the purple boots if you want to wear them more, I would start with nice-fitting boot-cut jeans and a purple top. For when you want to totally show them off, I would go with a more structured, heavier skirt that’s fairly straight. The top should have some purple in it, and the skirt should match the top. Judy! I can say this without being creepy: you have an awsome body and clothes look good on you, you just need to find your “style”, and find what you feel good in.

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