stockholm riff

I learned from this video that they play a riff at the end of Stockholm Syndrome when they do it live:

Then I saw another video in which they go absolutely nuts. The only reason I am not using all caps and copious quantities of exclamation marks is that I cannot even convey how nuts they go. Just watch it:

I cannot stop watching live performances on youtube. On my last youtube binge I saw one for a studio audience where he goes “let hope burn in your ai-aieeyeeeyyyes” (with a high kick on the initial aii) (ok not a kick with his legs, i mean a high note) but I can’t find it right now.

Here is the “american” music video (whatever that means… I think it means they had to cut it a little shorter?). They are missing a few bits in the middle bridge-thing–the riff doesn’t get played as many times (they don’t have the bass go to the lower note) but I like the video: . Also, I like the one for Starlight a lot. I was initially disinclined to like the one for Time is Running Out because it is reminiscent of other videos with a horde of people dancing awkwardly in a circle (the two that come to mind are “around the world” and uh, “ana ng?” is that right?), and I feel like the stuff with the rhythm and the formal military behavior could have been a lot cooler, but I like how they all fall down. Falling down is funny. Hysteria (the british version) frightens me. =( The one for Supermassive Black Hole is just too weird for me. Of course, the Knights of Cydonia one is too awesome for words. I wonder if they had to shorten Knights for american radio? Angela says she hears it all the time. This makes me happy. My fanaticism runs deep but I’m still very much a “new” Muse-lover; I’m not very knowledgable about them. I said to A that when you just look at Matt he’s not that hot, it’s only because he sings and is crazy. I have changed my mind because of those collared white button-up shirts, unbuttoned at the cuffs, or with sweaters. Chris used to be skinny?

Since the Download Festival ( will clearly not be enough, I need to go to the Muse concert in Davis: Thursday 9/28/2006 7:30 pm ARC Pavilion . What does it mean when presale is sold out? That there will be regular sales at some point… right?


  1. Hey on that first video, Matt was wearing the same pin stripe suit as when i saw him in concert (not a yellow t-shirt though).

    Hahaha.. balancing the guitar on his head

    The US version of Stockholme Syndrome is missing the whole 2nd half of the first verse!!!! Dur.

    Yeah, I agree Time is Running OUt could afford better dancing. Or rather, better choreography.

    1. Oh yeah, also, the video where they go crazy, I wonder why they switched guitars. Did a string break? Was is the wrong tuning? it was handled really well.

    2. Funny that I notice missing stuff in the bridge and not an entire half of the first verse. This is deservering of an o.O

      It is because that lower bass note is my favorite of the entire song because it’s unexpected. And I do not remember things like words. Even though uh, that is uh, one of the few songs I can sing all the way through. Uh. Yeah. O.o

    3. Do you like the “UK” video for Hysteria or the “american” one better? I think I like the UK one even though it’s more uh… disturbing, cuz the “american” one reminds me of that jet song where they draw themselves, or of ipod commercials. A better way of seeing them all instead of searching for them on youtube is their official website:

      However, I did find fan videos set to Hysteria for Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Harry Potter, Dragonball z, hyperion, and some other animes. Also, a warsong gulch twink game. Glad to see the cross-section of humanity that likes muse is a pretty wide one. Though I guess the same kinds of people that are so fanatically into Harry Potter that they make fan music videos about hidden romances is the same kind of person that would love Silent Hill? Maybe?

        1. went on youtube. yeah, at least with the uk one, they’re trying to “do something”. Alan said it was like Memento, and i agree.. it does have the same feeling as the movie.

          1. Haha! I didn’t even think of Memento, but you’re right, with the whole “I don’t remember what happened… weird chronological time shifts…” thing, obviously. I liked all the anger and screaming and at the end it was ambiguous… did that all happen? Did he really wake up confused and regretting his rage-fueled actions of the night before that he didn’t even remember? Or was it just all in his mind? Does that girl he’s obsessed with actually exist or is that too just a placeholder in his imagination for some other thing or things? I think I’m naive and optimistic, so I want to believe that it’s all played out in his brain, that he’s not actually a sicko who obsessed over some girl and then somehow got her in his clutches and then beat her and then trashed a hotel room… that this is somehow a simile (metaphor?) to how we feel sometimes or something… that it’s more about that feeling rather than what actually happened (because I believe it didn’t). haha

            And no, I didn’t log in… I did have to reload the whole thing a few times to get it to work though, and sometimes stuff will just stop working for me again. The video for “feelin’ good” is pretty disturbing. They’re pretty disturbing in general. I love them.

          2. I kinda thought it was his lover that he caught cheating on him through his stalking video, and that’s what sent him into a jealous rage.

  2. sorry for yet another comment, but that’s what you get for making such a dense entry! Are The Strokes opening for Muse?!?!? Or is it a double headline. cuz dude. the strokes.

    Davis? whyyyyyyyyyyy. baaaaaaaahhhhh. it’s so far awaaaaaaaay!

    1. I have no idea if it’s a double headliner. It says “with the strokes” on their official website (which has almost all the music videos; the “england” one seems to get updated more frequently so they’ve got starlight and sbh up)… Let’s see. The site for the UC Davis hall says “The Strokes & Muse” so maybe The Strokes are headlining.

      I dunno =)

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