1. world cup


      i was rooting for france and i loved zidane–he’s a powerhouse player–but he headbutted someone needlessly at the end of overtime and got himself a red card. it was a horrible ending because everyone was expecting him to go out in a blaze of glory, and france had been playing so well in the 2nd half. he’d said before the world cup that he’d retire after it ended, and to think, the last game of his career ending in shame like this, even though he scored france’s only goal in that game, and nearly scored another… the more loved you are, the harder you fall.

      it’s just so sad to see one man totally snap when the whole world expected so much of him. fame is fickle–you can perform so well for so many years and then do one thing when stakes are high and lose it all, or something. haha…

      1. actually you probably know more about football than i do… i’m probably embarrassing myself by saying anything because i probably get everything wrong

  1. Our theory was that he didn’t think he could score another one, or that he thought France would lose in PKs, so he got himself out of the game.

    You’re supposed to rise above racial slurs. I’m mean, for god’s sake, it’s the world cup! The world is watching!

    Headbutts aside (how cool is it to be able to knock someone completely over with a headbutt?!), what bothered me was that while it looked like France commanded the field for almost the entire game, they scored on a false PK (it didn’t look like a foul to me) and Italy’s second goal was denied by a bad offsides call. I honestly think that if the calling had been accurate, Italy would’ve won.

      1. That’s pretty crappy, though again, I would say that if someone resorts to taunting me, they’ve run out of real solutions.

        The only way they win is if you react–as Zidane so handily proved.

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