1. ice cream party was fun. you can never eat too much lactaid. i like suzanne. i contributed “metallicat” and “notorious p.i.g.” and “mc hammerhead shark” to lisa’s list, which got a little out of hand. someone said that my belt didn’t look like it would hold up my pants, which was ironic (IS THIS CORRECT USAGE OF THE WORD?) because i bought that belt three or four years ago for the specific purpose of holding up the very pair of pants i was wearing with said belt, which, three or four years ago, was (the pair of pants, if you’ve lost track of the subject of this phrase) unacceptably too big at the waist (but very well-fitting everywhere else. i have this problem a lot–wide ass, comparatively small waist. if a pair of pants fits my ass, the waist will flop around; if it fits my waist, i cannot fit my thighs into it comfortably. that is why i only wear extra-low-rise jeans, which bring underwear/asscrack-showing problems of their own. i can’t win). it is no longer, but in my mind that pair of pants is not complete without that belt so i must wear it. the end.

2. we watched england vs. portugal. to prepare for this, the day before, ryan bought bananas, peaches with white flesh, cherries, raspberries, and strawberries to make into a white-and-red salad for England. we attempted to make raspberry scones, but since we used fresh raspberries, the raspberries completely disintegrated and we ended up with wet dripping dough that was taro-flavored-colored (if you can understand that i am using “taro-flavored” as a color in that hyphenation). we were sad that rooney pushed his teammate in front of the ref. we were sad that the penalty kicks looked so terrible and that the whole team was in tears.

3. indian buffet.

4. france vs. brazil was a little more exciting to watch because they didn’t play “really defensively” (few forwards, lobbing the ball alllll the way back to the other side of the field all the time) like both england and portugal did (well ok, the penalty kicks were “exciting” but in a bad way, you just felt shitty during them); also the commercials on the spanish station were much better. henry didn’t run around celebrating after his goal, he just looked really intent and kept on running. that’ll betray how little i know about soccer (i know nothing; wikipedia is my friend), since i like, don’t know anything about individual players or teams or nations or anything. and i thought that “GOOOOL” was a joke; it isn’t. i loved it.

5. neglected to go to a barbeque (i always type barbequeue because i type “i’m waiting in a bg queue” more than i type “barbeque”) at my home-in-san-jose that uncle kc and his family were going to be at. instead, we played monkey ball tennis for like 6 straight hours. when ryan and i finally beat alan and angela after a bunch of close losses, there was much exulting. oddly, ryan and i are good at monkey ball knockout. OH SHIT SHE GOT THE IRON FIST AND VORTEX?????

6. another bbq i neglected to go to. i meant to leave for it 1.5 hours ago but never got around to it and now i don’t have enough time to. i always do that


now for something else on my mind. they’re going to “perform a ground fogging” on prospect near lawrence as early as july 6 to kill the mosquitoes infected with west nile virus there; dead crows infected with WNV have been found in the last week or so in the area of prospect and johnson. that’s not even close to home; that IS home.

Dear District 1 Resident,

Recently, several birds and a number of mosquitoes tested positive for West
Nile Virus in West San José. A community meeting will be held Wednesday,
July 5th from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. in the auditorium at Lynbrook High
School to discuss the incidences of West Nile Virus in District 1 and how to
eliminate this problem.

While many of you have already received a notice from the Santa Clara County
Vector Control District regarding this community meeting, additional
incidences of West Nile Virus have been uncovered since the mailing of the
notice and the Santa Clara County Vector Control District is now preparing
to perform a ground fogging in the area near Prospect Road and Lawrence
Expressway to prevent any human cases of the virus. Ground fogging is
entirely safe and does not require any precautions. The process is expected
to take place several days after the community meeting between the hours of
midnight and 4:00 a.m.

I encourage you to join your neighbors for the community meeting on July 5th
to learn more about the ground fogging that will take place, West Nile
Virus, and how to protect yourself and your family from exposure to this

If you have any questions regarding the community meeting, the ground
fogging or to report a dead bird, please call (800) 314-2427. You can also
visit the Santa Clara County Vector Control District’s website for
additional information on West Nile Virus: www.sccvector.org.

Sent on behalf of,

Linda J. LeZotte, Councilmember

City of San José

200 E. Santa Clara Street, 18th Floor

Phone: (408) 535-4901

Fax: (408) 292-6448

so yeah. if you’re down there, wear deet, and report dead birds. but don’t worry because even if you get bitten by an infected mosquito and become infected with the virus, only 20% exhibit symptons of “west nile fever,” and less than 1% of people who get the fever have it pass the blood-brain barrier and get meningitis/some other inflammation of the brain, and only 3-15% of people whose brains get inflamed actually die. i got those statistics from this article. four people have died in america from west nile virus, ever (more die each year of the flu). so we’ll all probably be ok. it’s just that i’ve lived in that area, in the same house, for like 18 or 19 years and have never heard of ground fogging there.


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