tang yuan

I just made some tang yuan: sesame rice balls. Here is some recipe I found on the internet; I am, however, not sure if I have ever eaten tang yuan made from scratch in my life. We get ’em frozen.

package!engrish ftw
I assumed that the package says “tang yuan” on the front, but what I thought was “tang” looks a little different from what is displayed on zhongwen.com and what I assumed would be “yuan” does not look like “yuan” at all. So I dunno what it says. It’s not a simplified-traditional difference because zhongwen.com displays the traditional first, then simplified in brackets. Hmm.

in the poton the spoonsesame PEEKABOO!!

I got these at Ranch 99 like a billion years ago and never opened the package till now. They were yummy.

Of course, I haven’t done my laundry or started to pack yet.


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