ok so i’m like more drunk than i’ve ever been before and like

*Edit 3:54pm, jan 8. I made an egregious factual error in this post. My animal crossing world has native peach trees, not pears. Jer is the one with the pears. Thank you, Ryan. Also, the chalkboard under the one advertising “vanilla bean” said “Resolution for 2006: less FRAGGLE, more ROCK!” I just thought Elanor should know. Also #2, it is true that Lost Cause is breaking up. All of the core leaders quit the game last week, and the people left don’t want to lead, so they’re joining Dark Legacy. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. There’s an ingame guild meeting at 6 today, but I probably won’t be at a computer.

ok i’m using ryan’s computer right now let me tell you , i just had the hardest time remembering my password. ok so here’s what we did tonight:
1. i waited 2.5 or 3 hours to get into a ZG run. lost cause is breaking up… it’s really sad
2. we meant to go to “something something (two of the same word in a row but i can’t remember what they were now) bistro” for sushi, but we went to this one on shattuck across the street from royal grounds cafe instead. it was good. i had a “49er’s roll” which is a CA roll + salmon + slices of lemon that you were supposed to eat cuz they cut off the rind but i didn’t eat any of the lemon. ryan had avocado roll, asparagus roll, and something else i can’t remember. it was good. oh yeah they gave us salad and miso soup which was unexpected cuz usually you only get those if you order a meal (but i only ordered a roll) and it was good ok.
3. then we went to the ATM
4. then we went to the new gelato place that opened near the bart station. gelato milano. it is run by the guy who used to run mondo gelato back in the day before it became… wahtever it is now. gelateria naia or some shit? anyway so it was really really good. no really. it was really good. so like i had a small uhhh uhh i don’t remember but it was chocolate, and something else, ti was the one to the left of crem caramel (yeah, one less E in the crem)… ryan had a mango and something else i think it was raspberry … the mango was really good. it was like eating whipped cream that was kinda mango-flavored… but there was no cream at all. and so like we talked to the guy, who steve said he knew so he told us a little aobu thim like how he opened it because he was dissillusioned how do you spell that? about the other one… he said he had to go to court and stuff. remember when mondo gelato first opened and it was SOOOO good? this is how i felt again… i want to go back tomorrow… it was really really really really good gelato
5. then we went to thalassa. ok so we took turns ordering
ryan: 2 gin and tonics
judy: 2 vanilla bean (that was their special on their chalkboard. it was coffee liquour… somehow i think there should be an E in that… licqeur…. no that’s not right… licquer.. liqouer… no .. .wow i’m drunk ok) so like ok … uh… oh yeah i was listing ingredients so there was that, and there was vodka, and ther ewas a whole lot of cream)
ryan: vodka martini (the best part was the olives. there were 2 on the toothpick thingy so we each ate one) and a bay breeze… bay breeze is tasty there’s pineapple juice it’s good
judy: midori sour + lemon drop, except instead of a lmeon drop i was supposed to order a mango tree but i forgot because i got flustered
ryan: cosmopolitan + mudslide

and then we walked home and we were totally drunk and ryan siad “this is the only time you’ll race me” and it’s true, i raced him to a few stoplights. wow i sound ridiculous, but at least i can spell ridiculous. everyone on WoW spells it “rediculous” and it annoys me so much!

hey also today we played a lot of animal crossing (a lot is two words! mr. calden told us that in 8th grade lit)… it is fun… i’ll post up my friend code somedime… i’m too drunk to look it up right now … it’s really fun, we played it last night with jer, i have pears, ryan has cherries, jer has something else… if you have an exotic fruit from your fieidn’s town it sells for 500 bells a fruit, that’s really good but since it’s me and ryan’s first day we don’t have shovels in our nook yet so we can’t plant the new fruit yet

so we were totally swaying around on our way home, i don’t even know how we got home ok i guess we are hom enow but somehow i got my contacts out without taking out my eyes with them… i’m pretty drunk ummm ryan just turned on his DS becuas ehe’s addicted to animal crossing… he just said “it’s snowing, judy, in my land, in animal crossing, it’s snowing, it’s totally dark too” and that is the end of my drunken posting i hope you liked it


  1. so there were a few things i forgot.
    1. in the bathroom at thalassa, the girls said “so we’re having a discussion, if a guy

    never mind i give up i go to sleep i’m going to be embarrased tomorrow tht’as not how you spell embarraaassedddd is it zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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