On my DS, I have a beagle named Hazel and Elanor has a dachsund named Bike. Hazel has three gold trophies in a row so far from the championship level agility trials in a row, and Bike’s getting good at the frisbee competition. We have a pirate hat, a viking hat, a pair of 3d sunglasses, a lily, a ten-gallon hat, two green Luigi hats, ribbons, collars of all kinds (red, purple, black, dot, denim, rainbow, etc), a squeaky mushroom, a bark ball, some balloons, a pull robe, a red frisbee, like five hundred bubble blowers, a white boot, a black boot, a globe, 10 empty juice bottles and tissue boxes and dog photos… which all sucks compared to radio-controlled mario karts. I have unlocked one dog at the kennel–shih tzu–so it seems that there’s a lot more to do. Someday… someday…

Lost Cause is up to Chromaggus in BWL–we are going to make our first serious attempts this Sunday. Progression is exciting; we’ll be the third guild alliance guild on Lightbringer to down Nefarian. It’s really neat to see the group go from wiping to seamless execution in two weeks. Arala has 5 Cenarion and 3 Stormrage (she’s got both helms–the piece of her gear that’s not epic is her robe, but it’ll drop in MC someday) and a bunch of useless feral gear. I’m weird and greedy without meaning to be–I just think “why have it DEed when I may be able to use it?” and that’s stupid. I’m working on not being so slow. I can stand in IF and say “let’s do something,” have people agree and form a group, then have them all reach Dire Maul before I finish “managing my inventory” running back and forth between the bank and the mailbox.

Mario Kart makes me realize that for games, I understand some of the concepts necessary to win, but I lack the execution. I understand power-sliding and can do it, but lose to people online who don’t power slide or even get the boost in the beginning becase I hit walls. I’m also not aggressive enough. Last night Derek and I played 1 game vs each other and then we managed to get into 1 game with 1 random other person (and we didn’t get into the same games after that, but it’s highly probable that they avoid matching you up with the same people on purpose). Why did I get a DS? I don’t understand.

I’ve been feeling really strange. I think I want to switch my major to applied math so I can get some kind of stupid job, but I probably can’t do it (yeah, please tell me I can now, here let me fish for some more compliments). It’s more that I don’t want to.

Spot performed 5 songs at DeCadence’s concert (Hi we were decadence, chocolate, whether or not, money, istanbul) and I mostly just felt bewildered, before, during, after at au coquolet.

What else? My room is really messy.


  1. i thought you were decided on this, and that the counselor didn’t know what he was talking about. yes, you can do it. it’s what you want to do. now, go do it!

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