Oh my god, battlegrounds is SO MUCH FUN! I copied Astix and Arala over to the test server to try them out. I’ve never been in the big one (Alterac Valley; geared toward level 60s; epic long-term 40vs40 battle complete with air strikes, elite NPC bosses) since I don’t have a 60, and I heard the wait was awful. I’ve been in the “capture the flag” one in ashenvale, which is 10vs10 and divided up by level (21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60).

Check out who has the most honoroable kills and flag captures:

bwahahaha. This is so much more fun for me than halo capture the flag becuase I’m familiar with the terrain and methods of killing people. Once I chased an enemy flagbearer by running after him from the middle of the field and moonfire-spamming him to death. Stupid, but it worked. Once I got the flag by jumping in from the roof into the middle of three enemies and running with cat form sprint down the tunnel so that they couldn’t mount or chase in travel form, and jumped into travel form once outside. I ran around the ENTIRE battlegrounds field TWICE with rogues sprinting and shamans in ghost wolf trying to run me down… three cheers for the movement speed to boots enchant! That was fun, leaving a trail of reds behind me for my team to deal with. Druids don’t have any great methods of stopping people (entangling roots is OK, but it only works outdoors and breaks almost as soon as they take damage; their only stun is in bear form and it’s only usable once a minute), but they sure can run fast (frost shock was my demise until I remembered that shifting in and out of forms removed slowing effects). I’m going to respec Astix to have “curse of exhaustion” in the affliction tree, that’ll be sooo useful for pvp. It’s SOOOO much fun. You guys can copy your veggies there and play in the same capture the flag instance as arala because it’s 41-50 (I can’t copy Pom because I already used up my two copies with Astix and Arala). Ooo so much fun!!!!


  1. In reply to that other reply…

    Not only have I been on WoW for the longest of times (well, 1 month), I’ve been having an awesome-o time (server Azjol-Nerub)! HORDIE all the way for me. I like uberness as a shaman. If you check /played, though, I’ve spent maybe 7 days total on all my characters. Which amounts to not that much.

    I’m such a noob roxxor!!!!eleventwelvecatorce!BBQchicken

    How’s everything going on with you?



      OOO! OOO! The highest horde char I’ve ever had was level 10. Hahahaha. Someday… someday…

      I do not understand the Leroy?

      Shaman? You also have a warlock? My warlock is 58… heh heh heh… you should create a character (alliance) on lightbringer… I’ll make one on azjol-nerub and say hi to you… you have to tell me what your names are!

      I don’t check /played … it will only scare people.

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