1. I really liked it.
2. Except that Zhang ziyi is doomed to ever be typecast as the passionate youngling who can kill forty swordsmen unarmed, but then gets raped (until an older, more established woman with a dagger saves her) by one man in a bamboo forest. Where’s the logic in that? You’re supposed to kick ass, woman. Oh except sometimes you’re a vulnerable sexual object instead of a woman. Well in that case.
3. I liked this movie because I believe that subtlety is for the WEAK. I feel like Alan when I say that; I should raise my fist as I type it, but that might be hard. Did you see Hero? Same director. No subtlety there, either (candles that show what Jet Li is thinking? Yesss. The camera panning over a wall of arrows to zoom in on a man-shaped area that lacks arrows? Yesss.). In this movie, the last scene is one where Mei tears a dagger out of her heart and throws it in an arc to prevent one drop of blood from splattering her lover’s face. I mean, come on. You’ve got to admit. That is pretty fucking awesome. The audacity of the directors/writers, you know? Haha.
4. Horses galloping through a yellow forest were so beautiful I could cry. And did.
5. I wouldn’t mind if Takeshi Kaneshiro ravished me. In fact, I think I might rather enjoy it. HOT HOT HOT man. Jenny says, “but he looks like a girl.” I guess I like that. He has such a beautiful easy way of smiling that conveys cockiness and vulnerability at the same time. And the silly way he does bursts of incredulity is really cute (like in Chunking Express, too, especially that pathetic scene where he’s calling up all the girls he ever knew). (cut in case of spoilers)

B. DeCadence fundraising at a 49ers game (saturday, dec 18)
1. Met at pubichair fountain (damn you Quinn for making me call it that) at 8am. Then met group from Habitat for Humanity at Underhill.
2. Got there. Waited around in the parking lot, cold, for the rest of us to arrive at the stadium.
3. Walked into stadium only to find that we were too early. Waited around outside to have everyone yell at us to get out of their way.
4. Got shafted with booth assigment. A) our oven was broken. B) The inside smelled like gas. Puke. C) There was a molded over sausage in a cooking tray and beer-shit in a sink. D) We got to sell Miller Genuine Draft, two kinds of hot dogs, cracker jack, popcorn, and peanuts. Habitat got to sell Budweiser, two kinds of hot dogs, cracker jack, popcorn, peanuts, hamburgers, gardenburgers, fish and chips, chicken strips, and fries. Goddammit.
5. Experimented with beer. We wasted a lot of beer.
6. Matt ran back and forth next door in the beginning with hot dogs as rounds of repairmen came to look at our oven.
7. Got yelled at by stupid people asking why I wouldn’t sell them water (didn’t have any, not even on the soda tap), other kinds of beer (only had MGD), other sizes of beer, etc, or that the prices were too expensive, or for extra cups which was impossible because they do our inventory by cups. Spilled beer all over the place. Beer beer beer. Made voice really tired.
8. Ate three hot dogs at the end of the day. They were good.
9. Counted cups.
10. Sat around while others counted money a few times.
11. Man came to tell us he was calling the money collectors for us. Told us not to give money to just anybody, because people do pretend and walk around in the stadium and take money. So two men come. We ask for ID, they say they were too lazy to get it before they came and that it was our fault they didn’t get their ID (a white card) cuz we took too damn long. Hit Chris and yelled “do you need me to put this gun against your head.” Freaked out. Gave them the money. They kicked us out yelling “it’s good to be cautious but here YOU’RE TAKING IT TOO FAR!!!” Found man we recognized, asked if they were the money collecters, recieved confirmation that they were. Told him about the gun, he said “oh. I’ll go talk to him.” Figured that he didn’t give a shit and would laugh about it with them later. Went downstairs to try to complain to someone, ladies laughed and said “at least it wasn’t the san francisco police. they woulda taken you downstairs. you dont go messin wit the police boy.”
12. Got sent back upstairs to get the spoils because “it is unacceptable for you to come down here without the spoils. I need the spoils down here right now.” Drag spoils downstairs dripping 10-year-old chocolate malt out of the corner. Show to lady, who says “now go throw it away. The dumpster’s ove there.”
13. At parking lot, the one driving us back to berkeley didn’t have his keys. Freaked out for a second while looking through backpack. Said “maybe they’re in my car.” We went over to his car to check. His car was on. It’d been idling, locked, for 10.5 hours. Called, waited for AAA.
14. Waved at AAA truck as it drove up to our meeting point, gate 4. Booed at AAA truck when AAA truck drove through gate 4 without stopping. Half an hour later, called AAA who called the AAA truck driver who said “oh I thought we were meeting at gate A.”
15. Got home and went straight to bed. Feet hurt for duration of next day. Need to get black shoes without a heel. Need to figure out arch supports and purchase a good pair.

C. WoW
Arala: 31 ne druid, 173 enchanting. Finished VC, stockades, BFD; haven’t got past the Dark Iron Dwarves in Gnomeregan yet.
Astix: 21 gnome warlock, 100 engineering. Finished VC but will do again (maybe a few times) since
Adeline: 10 dwarven hunter. Don’t see many female dwarves around. No pet yet.
Meixing: 5 human paladin. I had “beautiful heart” in mind, but it might be “no heart” or “plum heart” or “beautiful star” or “no luggage” any number of things. Name choice possibly influenced by THE CUTEST THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Look, more of THE CUTEST THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.
I waste a LOT of time in-game. I leveled Adeline to 10 with some warrior that got created at the same time last week, then logged off of her to do other things. Haven’t played her since. Yesterday I was wandering around on Arala in Darkshire and I saw that guy who was level 10 a few days ago with Adeline. He’s level 29 now. His played time is 2 days. My played time on Arala is 5 days. By the time his played time is 5 days, he will be level 50. I felt too ashamed to be alive. I don’t have priorities or time-management skills even in a GAME. I’m such an all-around failure. I will never amount to anything. Well look the patch has finished downloading.


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