Vienna Teng at Little Fox

Yesterday I saw Sutured!Elanor and watched her ride away on her bike. I also mailed a bunch of stuff to my insurance company. Going to hospitals is a really bad idea, people. At least I can say that I have learned my lesson. A few days ago I went with mbarrien to see Vienna Teng perform at a small theater called The Little Fox in Redwood city. I like watching her live a lot more than I like listening to her. When I listen to her CDs I get annoyed because I feel like she’s too gentle and quiet and soothing especially in potentially powerful songs. But watching her play piano gives you more of a sense of the power of her piano playing. I like most of her songs a lot, though. I guess I like her also because she’s from my area and did CS and plays piano and sings and is asian. Oh, I know why I get annoyed when I listen to her on CD–I’m not a fan of subtelty. Yell, please. Sing like your heart is breaking. I’m too sensitive, see, I could never write songs about what I think because I’d cry too much.


  1. In case you haven’t completely written off Vienna, I ripped the CD to the web server on my computer, subdirectory /mp3/Vienna%20Teng (or if I’m at work and my computer is booted into Linux, /~mbarrien/mp3/Vienna%20Teng ).

    (Not making clickable since I don’t want search engines spidering my home computer.)

      1. I don’t have access to your ocf home directory. Either move it to your web space (public_html), or run “chmod +rx /home/j/ju/judytuna” to let me (and everyone else in OCF) have permissions into reading your home directory.

        1. hehe, i meant “regular ocf account public web address”/viennateng. i was trying to be all sly about links like you were. anyway, i finally put them up now.

  2. Movie this weekend?

    Hey, do you want to see “A Series of Unfortunate Events” this weekend?
    I’m trying to get a group together, so if you know other people who are interested, feel free to invite more.
    Note that I haven’t settled on a time yet, but probably in the neighborhood of Saturday evening.

    1. Re: Movie this weekend?

      doh! sorry i didn’t check my lj/mail. =

      i was doing a decadence fundraiser on saturday evening, though. yeeek. i hope it was good. =)

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